10 Must Have Street Food Destinations From City of Nawabs Lucknow

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The glimpse of the “Char-Bagh” station says it all in terms of magnificent preferences of the past city rulers. Lucknow, the capital city of the largest state in terms of land area, Uttar Pradesh, also popularly known as the ‘city of Nawabs’. The popular name hails due to the old Lucknow traditions which used to be the abode of Nawabs or the Kings who used to rule the territory. Not to mention that some of the foods find their origin from the heart of this region and are not just an internet boasted cuisine which is usually the case nowadays.

We are very sure that most of us have been to this Nawab’s city at some point of time in their life. The reasons would have been whatsoever, but it is home of some of the best food destinations, medical care facilities, and educational institutions. RailRecipe, the food partner for train travelers, has been closely curating the famous street food attraction of this city and would love to share 10 of these top street food destinations which every Indian should try during their lifetime.

Here are 10 must-have street food destinations from the city of Nawabs which every Indian should try once n their lifetime:

  • Tundey Kababi in Aminabad: Almost everyone who visits the city wishes to try kebabs. Started with a small outlet in 1905, Tundey Kababi is spread in every corner of the city and is recognized internationally also. Some of everyone’s favorites are Galawati Kebab and Seekh Kebab. It is said that more than 100+ spices are blended in to give it the perfect taste. If you’re a non-vegetarian, I am sure I have made your taste buds crave for Kebabs. Tundey Kababi is the sole reason why Lucknow is known as the City of Kebabs, besides the City of Nawabs.

Tunday Kababi In Aminabad- RailRecipe

  • Prakash Kulfi in Aminabad: Desserts are an important part of Indian meal and when it comes to sweets, the age old outlet at Aminabad in Lucknow, Prakash Kulfi wins the legacy. So, this famous and authentic dessert, Kulfi Falooda at Prakash Kulfi, will win your heart with its flavor. It melts down as you would want it to. In summers, this Kulfi feels like a lifeboat to people drowning in the sea of sweats.

Prakash Special Kulfi from Aminabad- RailRecipe

  • Basket Chaat at Royal Cafe: Chaat is like therapy to the taste bud, especially for North Indian foodies. This spicy food is made using mashed potatoes, dried peas, a lot of spices, and served with curd. The best thing about chaats is that despite the ingredients being almost the same, every shop has its own way of putting up a treat. Basket chaat is an upgrade to normal chaat in a way and is served by the Royal Cafe in Hazratganj, Lucknow. Basket chaat is served in a tokri (basket) kind of bowl, made up of fried potatoes and more. This basket serves as a bowl for holding the main ingredients, and you guessed it right… This is the only chaat in the world which can be eaten with its bowl or basket. Innovative!

Basket Chat at Royal Cafe Hazratganj lucknow- Railrecipe

  • Wahid Biryani in Aminabad: Everyone’s aware of Lucknowi Biryani and its own popularity. For some of us, Biryani may be a food item, but for food lovers, it’s pure love. While there are Moradabadi and Hyderabadi, there is another one too to fall in love with ⏤ It is Lucknowi Biryani. Wahid Biryani in Aminabad serves the authentic taste of Lucknowi Biryani. Actually, this name doesn’t need any introduction. It has earned a name not only in India but also globally. They have been serving delicious Biryani since 1955. This Lucknowi food, Biryani is not as spicy as Hyderabad and is close to Moradabadi Biryani. Light spices, shimmering texture, and mouth-watering aroma.

Wahid Biryani at Aminabad Lucknow-RailRecipe


  • Pardeshi Pani Puri Point in Gomti Nagar- The biggest attraction of this famous street food outlet is that it server 56+ unique flavors of Pani Puri. Pardeshi Pani Puri still sells Pani Puri on a cart in Gomti Nagar’s Patrakarpuram in front of the Maxx store. What sets him apart from others is that he has invented over 56 flavors of unique Pani Puri or Gol Gappa. Fifty-six ⏤ it’s a lot! It includes flavors like Bahubali, Chocolate, Silver Ark, Fire, Paan, etc.


  • Shukla Chaat House in Hazratganj: If you ask anyone in Lucknow which is the best place to have Chaat, the answer would be either Shukla Chaat House or Royal Cafe’s Basket Chaat. Located in the heart of Lucknow, Hazratganj, the Shukla Chaat has been tantalizing the city for the last 50 years. Some varieties of Chaat are aloo tikki, matar tikki, papdi chaat, dahi bade, and pani puri. It’s not very far from the Hazratganj metro station.

Shukla-Chaat-House- RailRecipe


  • Sharma Chai (Tea) in Lalbagh: Tea is one of the common beverages in India. And Lucknow’s Sharma Chai has maintained its unique taste over the last 50 years. This place has been a favorite among the officer-goers. Kulhad Chai with Bun Maska is the ultimate combination to try out here.


  • Netram Ajay Kumar Kachodi in Aminabad: Kachoris are famous in western India, but it has a special preference in Awadhi city of Lucknow. The serving style is different and its a loved breakfast. Netram Ajay Kumar is a popular joint known for its kachoris. They cook kachori and khasta in pure desi ghee and serve it with aloo sabzi. Option for thali is also there which costs ₹80 only. It is located in the busy area of Aminabad in Lucknow.

Netram Ajay Kumar Kachori Lucknow-RailRecipe


  • Malai Gilori at Ram Asrey: One more dessert that can’t be ignored in the city of Nawabs is Malai Gilori at Ram Asrey. They have two outlets but the main and oldest one is situated in Chowk. Ram Asrey’s Malai Gilori has an addictive taste and is recommended for you if you love sweets. It’s made by layers of malai (milk cream) being wrapped around sweet ingredients and is served in the shape of a triangle.


  • Chatori Gali (1090 Chauraha): Started in 2011, Chatori Gali is Lucknow’s favorite food corner where people hang out with their family and friends. And no it’s not a food item but a place where all street food lovers come in and enjoy various delicacies of Lucknow at one place. One can have biryani, kebabs, momos, chaat, Kathi rolls, and many more fast food bites. It is located at the Gomti Riverfront (the other side) near 1090 or Women Power Line Chauraha. A must-try for every foodie.

Next time if you make plans to visit the city of Lucknow, make sure you treat your taste buds to these delicacies. If you are traveling via train, you can even order food online in train in Lucknow.

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