10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks List in 2020

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The web is advancing. It has seen the makeover and has seen numerous progressions for web designers to concentrate on. Now comes the real challenge for our web developers to adopt these trendy changes. JavaScript was at first utilized for a customer side. In any case, presently the time has transformed, it is used as the server-side programming language also. Numerous JavaScript software development companies have recognized these framework’s qualities and discover them as a “stunning” factor to work with while various engineer networks are as of now delicately working with these structures to astound the world.

As per the insights, JavaScript was one of the most popular programming languages utilized by designers in the year 2020. To choose the correct JavaScript Framework for your project is not an easy task, as there are numerous options. Designing the Application JavaScript Framework is very important. In this article, we show the Top 10 JavaScript Framework by highlighting their features.

  1. Angular

Is Angular one of the most utilized JavaScript systems inside the tech business?

IT is one of the notable, useful, and incredible JavaScript development frameworks that is kept and made by Google. It is an open-source front end latest JavaScript framework that encourages programming planners to amass a single page web application (SPA). The structure unites the functionalities of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Angular quality, it’s highlighted, and its selection inside major application advancement organizations have made it one of the most famous JavaScript structures until further notice and for what’s to come.

2. Node.JS

Node.js clearly must present options in the Top 10 latest JavaScript Framework for 2020. Being one of the most favored JavaScript structures for cross-stage application improvement, Node.js is an open-source JavaScript system. The system’s runtime condition encourages Node.js with an armada of advantages to application engineers like the simplicity of learning, full-stack improvement alternatives, better, and a more significant network.

it is going to be completely unfathomable watching Node.js rule the universe of improvement in the year 2020.

Node.js is one of the most famous JavaScript structures and has been a piece of enormous brands like Walmart and GoDaddy.

3. Aurelia

The latest JavaScript Framework that is suitable for any interface is Aurelia. It is the up and coming age of the system for creating undeniably progressively powerful sites. Likewise, its advanced design guarantees that the reason for the cost is for the translation customer side and server-side at once.

4. React

Respond is likewise one of the most utilized JavaScript systems in the business. Respond was created, and is kept up by Facebook. Its properties and highlights make React one of the most well-known JavaScript Framework for 2020.

Respond system is a structure library, in light of the UI. It is one of the most favored JavaScript systems for creating responsive one-page applications and cross-stage applications. The React JavaScript structure is overflowing with new and faultless highlights like it’s a similarity with different libraries, adaptability, uncomplicated upkeep, and obviously, little record size.

5. Vue.Js

A dynamic JavaScript library, Vue.Js, is lightweight. The library utilizes most current web advancements to build up the applications as per the prerequisites of the clients. Moreover, it additionally uses single-document segments and plain HTML-based formats. The real CSS can be composed with the assistance of the VueJS system. The system has an in-assembled receptive center library that centers around the view layer just as it comprises a biological system of supporting libraries, which helps in dealing with the multifaceted nature of the applications in a noteworthy single page. Vue was at first intended to be steadily adoptable. The designers can utilize the system effectively in undertaking various JS libraries. The structure is anything but difficult to learn, just as has essential documentation.

6. Meteor

The application zone of Meteor (otherwise known as Meteor.js or MeteorJS) serves the name itself since it fluctuates as it covers nearly the massive bit of product advancement. Employments of this system incorporate noteworthy regions like back-end advancement, the board of the database, business rationale, and rendering of the front-end.

7. Mithril.Js

A top-notch client-side java framework is what Mithril.JS is known for and helps to build single-page applications.

Further, it has faster library load time and update execution also than various structures. One of the conspicuous reasons that make Mithril unique in relation to different stages is its document size, and it isn’t reliant on different libraries. The system can be effectively executed at whatever point required.

8. Polymer JS

To make custom reusable HTML components to create efficient applications Polymer JS is the best framework. On the off chance that you contrast Angular and Polymer as created by Google, Angular is a finished structure for making web applications, while Polymer is only a library for making web segments

9. Backbone. JS

It is one of the most well-known JavaScript frameworks. It is easy to comprehend and learn and a popular choice to build Single Page Applications. Furthermore, to accomplish complex functionalities with less code, Backbone JS allows server-side must pass through an API.

10. Ember.js

It was in 2015, Ember.js was introduced to the software market for a wide application area and gained huge popularity. To support two-way data binding is what Ember.Js framework is used to build up a reliable platform for handling the complicated User Interfaces. Sites like LinkedIn, Netflix, Nordstrom, and a lot more utilize the Ember.JS stage for their websites.


Hopefully, this blog would have served its purpose of making you aware of the latest JavaScript frameworks. As a software development company, it is very important to be updated with the options as every option has its own role. Some are suitable for single page applications and some for complex functionalities. The choice has to be made wisely.

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