10 Mind-Numbing Facts About Cosmetic Boxes

by Monica Harper Creative Writer

Cosmetic products are the top priority products in the industry from then now and forever. We all know that cosmetic products are the kryptonite of women and teenage girls. That's why their protection is the most joint responsibility.

You know the products are so functional in the houses, markets, purses, handbags, etc. That's why it's very important to make a type of packaging that is protective and smothering. Which is why we are talking about it here right now.

Similarly, every product requires the perfect packaging that fulfils the need of your products. We all know that there are a million categories of cosmetic products in this world and also is spreading more.


Best Seller Cosmetic Products:

Best-selling cosmetic products in the United Kingdom are as follows:

·         Charlotte Tilbury

·         Urban Decay

·         M.A.C

·         Benefit Cosmetics

·         Clarins

And many more.

However, these cosmetic products have assonating packaging processes, which makes them a brand in the supermarket and various trendy areas too. Charlotte Tilbury is a well-known cosmetic brand in the UK. Therefore, its packaging is rigid and shiny according to the products' shape and size.

Because of Charlotte Tilbury's awesome products packaging the demand of Charlotte Tilbury is on top of the beneficial chain.


Trendy Cosmetic Products in the UK:

Trending cosmetic product Brand in the UK are as follows:

·         Nars

·         Le Laro

·         Patrick TA

·         COCO and EVE

·         Summer Fridays


These are trendy products nowadays in the United Kingdom and why these are trendy? Because of their packaging and vice versa.

Now let's just talk about their packaging, shall we? Packaging also came in different categories.

Just like Tyra Banks says "I love the confidence that makeup gives me."

Just like that, it's very important that the packaging of cosmetic products gives your products a glimpse of joy. Therefore, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is the most incredible packaging for your products for selling and beneficial purposes.

Yeah, it's true. Because eco-friendly packaging has zero harmful chemicals which never reacts with the products, in any case, no matter if the products are in liquid form or semi-solid form or even in solid form. Custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can easily preserve them for a long time.

Moreover, how can anyone let down the customers demanded cosmetic products left behind.


Hour Glass


Patrick TA

Kate Somerville

Frank Body




Milk Makeup

Embroyolisse Laboratories

Beauty Blender

Drunk Elephant

IT Cosmetic



However, according to the cosmetic protection packaging there are ten mind-numbing facts which are as follows:

1)      Reliable Packaging:

Cosmetic packaging should be protective and reliable, because of the products kind and categories. However, the quality matter a lot, because it has to carry your products through different steps and different ways.

2)      Rainbow Foiling for Attractiveness:

The different foiling on cosmetic boxes helps to make your products attractive in the market. Observe, customer go to the supermarket and the rainbow shining custom cosmetic boxes make them attract towards them. If they ever hold them, the boxes reflect the light with various colours. This looks so attractive and satisfying.

3)      Coatings for satisfactory looks:

There are two types of different coatings which effects on the cosmetic boxes. The first one is gloss and the second one is matte coatings. The gloss coating makes the cosmetic boxes glow in all covers of the market.

However, the matte finishing/coating gives your products a satisfying and rugged look. The most elegant and complete package makes your products special and superb.

4)      Cardstock and Kraft Materials for Support:

There are two different types of products used to manufacture custom cosmetic boxes. Cardstock and Kraft, these both products are OUT OF THE BOX materials. Mostly for cosmetic products, cardstock is the best material because it is lighter in weight and can lift up to 1LB.

However, the weight can be multiplied in various ways through multiple layers of cardstock. Furthermore, Kraft is an eco-friendly material as called a recycled material which immediately protects your products from different chemical reactions during humidity, high-temperature, etc.

5)      Accurate edges for your product boxes:

The edges of your cosmetic boxes matter a lot in the packaging industry. Because the moulding of the custom cosmetic boxes makes the custom packaging boxes for cosmetics very innovative and stylish. Make sure your custom packaging boxes have accurate edges which let the corner elegant and perfect.

6)      Colour Modules for Your Boxes:

The colours schemes play an important role in the printing processes during printing processes. However, colours are the main reason why the printing held upon the cosmetic boxes. There are two types of colours schemes

CMYK Colour Scheme:

CMYK is a type of colour scheme that is formed with four unique colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key. From the four colours, the rest of the colours are generated. This process is the most beneficial process for your orders in bulk.

Pros and Cons:

The pros of CMYK is that it can print custom cosmetic boxes in wholesale and its cons is that you can't order for a smaller number of boxes because it gets costly in that sense.

PMS Colour Scheme:

The second colour scheme is PMS. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is the digital colour scheme used in digital printing processes. PMS contains tons of colours and their shades too.

You can select multiple colours for a single box, even images too. That's why it is the most reliable colour scheme.

Pros and Cons:

The pros of PMS that it contains multiple shades with tons of colours. You can select a million colours on your single custom cosmetic box. And the con of PMS that is getting too much costly for a mediocre customer.

7)      Perforated protects the Cosmetic Boxes like a Womb:

The perforation grips your products in their packaging boxes. For instance, liquid makeup tubes can coal inside the packaging. That's why to protect your cosmetic products from this deadly situation perforation was invented.

Therefore, perforation is the best the manufacturing process for your cosmetic products like milk makeup products, base, concealer, lipsticks, lip gloss, etc.

8)      The Robust Corrugated Shipping Experience:

Corrugated is the best material for shipping. The best benefit of corrugated that protects your products through shipping containing different physical activities. However, eco-friendly cosmetic boxes are completely safe inside their corrugated packaging. It's the robustness material in the world right now.

Containing multiple flutes and vice versa. It's the most flexible and smooth cosmetic packaging is the United Kingdom.

9)      Top-Notch Printing Processes:

Printing process no doubt is the superb functionalities for your cosmetic product boxes. However, there are three types of cosmetic boxes printing processes.

·         Offset Printing Process

·         Digital Printing Process

·         Screen Printing Process

The offset printing process can print the images through machines and vice versa. But you can't change the colours once they are done. However, in the digital printing process, you can change various shades of a singular colour and recharge it again and again.

Screen printing is a manual printing process; experts do this by hand. Therefore, it's a time taking process, but it is also very reliable as well.


10)  Attractive Addons To Boost Up your product in the Supermarkets:

Addons can shimmer your products more and more in the market place. However, there are multiple addons used on your cosmetic packaging.

·         Custom Die Cuts

·         Custom PVC Sheets

·         Foiling

·         Embossing and Debossing

·         Holographic Foiling

·         Spot UV



All of the above processes can help to select the perfect packaging industry for your cosmetic products. However, if you want to know a well-known packaging company make sure to visit once

Or email them for further queries at

Furthermore, they have a team of packaging professionals which works more than you think.


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