10 Interesting Facts About The Spanish Language

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There are loads of languages that exist in this world. Each language belonging to different regions and presenting its own culture and background. Likewise, Spanish is also a vital language that's being spoken by millions of people across the globe. Further, in this article, we will come across some facts related to this specific language.


Well, Spanish is a language that emerged in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. This specific language is also considered to be the 'Romance Language' as well. As this language is being spoken by over 500 million people, it has genuinely influenced a lot of people to get to know about this language. With the advent of the Spanish Language Course in Delhi, it has become convenient to impart its training at the present moment.

Let’s now proceed further and have a look at some of the interesting facts related to this subject.

Facts About The Spanish Language

  1. Spanish the language derives from a precise kind of spoken Latin. This dialect developed in the central-northern location of the Iberian Peninsula following the 5th-century loss of life of the Western Roman Empire.
  2. Spanish speakers regularly refer to their language as Española as properly as Castellano, which is the Spanish phrase for “Castilian.”
  3. The Royal Spanish Academy is formally accountable for being the custodian of the Spanish language.
  4. Royal Academy has its domestic in Madrid and operates several language academies via the Association of Spanish Language Academies in the 21 different nations that communicate Spanish.
  5. Arab armies started to triumph over the Iberian Peninsula in 711, bringing Arabic art, structure, and language to the region. Arabic step by step blended with historical Spanish to turn out to be the language spoken today.
  6. Spanish makes use of inverted exclamation and question marks.
  7. Like most languages, Spanish has its own very special words which cannot be translated into different languages.
  8. Spanish is a Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin
  9. Spanish is a very phonetic language. If one recognizes how a phrase is spelled, one can truly be aware of how it’s pronounced.
  10. There are lots of homophones in Spanish the reason native speakers’ difficulties in getting to know how to write. So, candidates need to have a piece of detailed knowledge regarding this also.

Let's move further and have a look at some of the tips, how one can learn this specific language.

Tips On How One Can Learn Spanish Easily?

Spanish is not a very difficult language, yet not that easy to get also. With practice and correct guidance, candidates will be able to get this course also.

Candidates first must approach a good institute regarding this as that would be the most trustable source from where they will be able to receive adequate information with several instances as well.

  • To learn Spanish effectively, candidates should first start with letters.
  • They can then, move onto different words
  • After that, candidates can start making sentences. 
  • They should always do one thing at a time, rushing into things will not help them to learn this language quickly.
  • Candidates can also put their effort into it and can prefer watching videos related to Spanish phonetics. By doing this, they will have an idea of the pronunciation of Spanish words. 
  • To speak and write this language fluently, candidates should also think in a way and practice as Spanish speakers would do. 
  • Having detailed information of letters, alphabets, and sentences, candidates must pay attention to knowing homophones and the meaning of different words as well. 


By following the above-mentioned steps, any candidate will be able to learn this language easily. 


With the above-mentioned facts and figures, it's clear that Spanish is no doubt an important language which is being spoken by millions. And candidates, who dream of getting settled there for work purposes or any other reasons, are suggested to know this language and carry a proper degree of Spanish Language Classes in Noida. As then they will be able to communicate with the local people and can have a good bond as well.

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