10 Healthy Ways to Lose 20 Pounds Fast

by Samira Tasnim Freelancer
Healthy habits are hard to maintain when you are limited with food options or time to take meal or go for gym. It becomes very difficult to shred off extra fat from the body in healthy manner. The small dietary changes in your daily meal routine can make big and long-lasting differences, rather than the major dietary modifications. Healthy weight lose is more important, than the fast and maximum weight reduction. The experts have suggested some healthy ways to lose weight listed below:

1. Include fat releasing foods in your diet - The fat releasing foods don't let you feel depressed and binging on higher caloric foods like eggs, shrimp, part-skim ricotta cheese, honey, dark chocolate, dairy products, coconut oil, citrus fruits, fiber rich foods etc.

2. Avoid high caloric foods - Cut down the high caloric foods from your diet like burgers, pizzas, red meat, mayonnaise, processed cheese, soft drinks etc. As per the dietitian recommendation, one can replace a burger with healthy brown bread vegetable sandwich and soft drink with skimmed milk or buttermilk. Avoid foods with high caloric counts and try to balance them with lots of raw vegetables, fruits and healthy recipes.

3. Drink lots of water - Water not only keeps you hydrated but helps to absorb nutrients and eject toxins and waste products from the body. Plenty of water suppresses the appetite and prevents fluid retention problem. It burns the stored fat, detoxifies body and prevents constipation.

4. Carry a notepad for one week - Note down the every single piece of food that you take including the water. This helps you to figure out the caloric counts and quality of your diet. It is proven by the studies that the people who use to maintain a food diary control their intake nearly 15 percent than the people who don't.

5. Be regular with your walk and exercise regimen - Physical activities are very important to bunt out the extra calories and stored fat. Walk at least 40 minutes a day. This helps you to reduce the extra flab from the waist, thighs and stomach. You can use an electronic pedometer to count your steps.

6. Take small portions of food - Use small size plates, blows and spoons. It helps you to reduce the food intake. As it is proved by various studies that the less food serving results in less food intake. The more you have, the more you will take. It increases the food intake and caloric counts.

7. Avoid large meals; eat at small intervals in small proportions - For healthy weight reduction, it is very important to consume food in frequent intervals and small portions. If you take breakfast 5 hours before the lunch, then it reduces the caloric counts of launch nearly by 30 percent. Some of the studies prove that if you consume same number of calories in this particular distribution manner, your body produces less insulin that suppresses hunger and steadies blood sugar.

8. Chew slowly - Every bite should be chewed slowly. You can put the spoon down with every bite and take a sip of water. As nerves take about 20 minutes to convey a message from stomach to brain that now it's full. If you chew slowly, brain gets enough time to catch up the message.

9. When feel hungry eat carbohydrate and fiber rich food - The fiber and carbohydrate rich foods have higher satiety value and little portion of them make you feel full for longer like banana, an apple, watermelon, oats, dahlia, semolina preparations etc.

10. Add colors to your diet and avoid white foods - Increase intake of yellow, green, orange, red and blue colored vegetables and fruits such as spinach, bottle guard, capsicum, guava, watermelon, oranges, grapes, blackcurrant etc. Avoid white foods like toned milk, cream, butter, sugar, refined flour, white rice etc.

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