10 Benefits of using executive transportation in your company

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If you have a company and would like to make a quote or analyse the best option regarding the transportation of your employees and executives, this will be the right article for you. Those who intend to adopt the executive transport service must take into account numerous factors, such as expenses, safety, and comfort, among others.


Keep reading our material and understand the 10 main reasons to purchase executive transport for your company. Remember to consider the price and the things on offer that are not available to those who use only common public means of transportation. Come on!


1 - Have the convenience and comfort you deserve


This is one of the main reasons to consider when using Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul. When hiring this one, we must remember that many things are offered for the convenience of the customer. For example, the advantages of having a driver available, with a comfortable vehicle and others.


Public transport often ends up being too limited, causing employees, just before arriving at their work environment, to arrive tired. Having a driver with an executive vehicle increases the dynamics of the group, as well as their harmony in service.


2 - Be productive in your services


That's right, this is another consequence of the comfort that executive transport provides. Why does this occur? Due to the high ease of solving problems. Many companies need the employee to travel in the middle of the time when he is doing his job.


In turn, the employee ends up having to stop everything he is doing to continue only when he arrives at his destination. This often ends up not generating productivity due to the travel time of public transport. Today, with Executive Transport, it is possible to hire the service more easily. In addition to having high privileges, because this small displacement is scheduled.


3 - Always save your time


Continuing the idealization that productivity is important, we cannot forget to emphasize how saving time helps in the construction and growth of your employees' craft. Time is money. The phraseology may be old, but its application in the corporate world is more than current.


On a day-to-day basis, the traffic doesn't stop, much less when your employee needs locomotion. Many companies lose millions of money for time lost in commuting.


The worker's journey can, with executive transport, generate profits resulting from this time that was used and invested in the service.


In addition, with the right negotiation, the company will spend much less on executive transport services than on the common means of transport, which ends up getting more and more expensive, due to its tariff.


4 - Control the entire itinerary


We are not talking about a bad employee, who ends up “losing himself” along the way and takes a little longer than necessary to reach his destination. We are talking about the different routes that exist in just one city or even from one municipality to another. When using executive transport, you have the possibility to choose your entire route. From the longest to the fastest. You can choose according to the situation and hire new itineraries whenever you want.

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5 - Control your spending


When we talk about money, it is customary for many entrepreneurs to end up giving exclusive attention. Expenses are intrinsic, that's for sure. However, that doesn't mean that your investment should be directed the wrong way, right? So always remember to choose the option that generates the most benefits, even if your initial investment seems bigger, it will still pay off in another sector.

For example, in contracting common transport. We know that this small investment factor ends up generating a high amount of cash outflow, which often ends up not paying off due to its return. Not to mention the lack of control, referring to unforeseen events, new routes, amounts of risk and lack of insurance that lead to even greater damage when a problem occurs.


Reducing your company's costs will always be the best strategy. However, see if these small costs will bring the desired benefits and security. Observe the needs of your company and, especially, of your employees.


6 - Have the privacy you want


Often, it is necessary to maintain privacy and secrecy with respect to the public. New products, new ideas and work topics should only be discussed at work. Therefore, by hiring an exclusive transport, you and your employees will have the security and privacy necessary to talk about any subject.


7 - Better urban mobility


Municipalities, cities, states and countries all have an urban problem in common: traffic. The accumulated traffic of trucks, cars, motorcycles and buses hinders mobility and employees and executives. As we explained above, this can generate a huge loss of money over time.


Therefore, it is always necessary to have an alternative that is more efficient than conventional paths. This, for sure, the executive transport will bring to your company. Executive drivers are trained by their companies, precisely to solve problems such as these, generating time savings and cost exemptions.


8 - Always be safe


You know that ticket you always get because you're late getting to work? Well, executive transport will also get rid of this problem. As we have already explained, professionals are trained to regulate their services and routes and avoid what most worries pedestrians and drivers: accidents.


In addition to having a well-prepared driver and constantly inspected cars, all safety is the responsibility of the contracted company, that is, transport has regulations that guarantee the safety of its passengers, avoiding possible problems and eliminating the fines that employees are always indebted to.


9 - Make your image


Think about the last company in your city that you saw that had the executive transport service. It achieved? Few, right? In fact, this service is not exclusive only to big name companies in society. Therefore, by acquiring your services, your company's employees will begin to value your company even more, due to the image it presents in relation to the safety of its employees. Of quality, image of greater visual and social effectiveness in the market.


10 - Increases the collaboration of your employees


Imagine a shorter time to carry out your services and arrive faster due to practical mobility.


In addition to helping their employees, they will reciprocate by seeing the value that their boss provides them with a more sophisticated service, which will help them both to get to and from work.


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