10 Actions to Optimize the CTR and Improve SEO Positioning

by Bhupati Barman SEO Specialist, Digital Marketer

What is CTR and how is it calculated?

The CTR ( Click Through Rate ) is that the percentage of clicks that a particular publication gets. In SEO terms, it might be the number of clicks that one among your results takes in Google, and to calculate it, just divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions and multiply it by 100.

Within Digital Marketing we will analyze many metrics but, perhaps, we will highlight 3 decisive metrics, among which the CTR takes on considerable importance:

  • The number of impressions: the number of times the publications and results are viewed.
  • CTR: what percentage times does one click on them
  • Conversions: What gives money. what percentage of people come to an internet site and meet any of the objectives that we've set ourselves.

The CTR, additionally, is directly associated with many aspects of Digital Marketing. It influences SEO, affects social networks, online advertising, email campaigns, and even YouTube.


Google knows needless to say the share of clients that receives a result and that we also, with Search Console. And during this aspect, the foremost profitable and fastest for an honest SEO is to optimize the titles of our results. The titles are the foremost important part of the CTR.

Although once we hear about SEO we expect that we should always specialize in improving our positions, this is often not getting to be necessary if I buy them to click on my results since I'm getting to get more visits. Bruno throws an issue to the air: "What is that the use of being in first positions if I don't receive a visit?"

SEO isn't first on Google. SEO is first in Google which people click on you and are available to you.

What does the CTR in SEO depend on? 

In terms of positioning, the CTR isn't getting to depend upon one factor, but rather it takes under consideration a series of main elements that, combined, will contribute to achieving better positions and obtaining a greater number of clicks. These are, among others:

  • the URL
  • The title
  • The date
  • The meta description
  • And many times, of rich formats or rich snippets, liable for providing added value and visually highlighting the result above the remainder.

Taking these factors into consideration, Bruno reveals 10 techniques to optimize the CTR and increase the click-through rate in our publications.

  1. Apply rich formats
  2. Exit in featured results
  3. Place links to a section within the same content
  4. Remove dates
  5. Modify dates
  6. Use Emojis or ASCII Characters in titles and meta descriptions
  7. Study and optimize titles (with Search Console)
  8. Securities that add value vs. transactional securities
  9. Take care of the copy of your titles
  10. Don't forget about your competition

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