Affiliate Success Strategies

by Rae Arnold Segobia

"Here's How You Can Generate Tons Of Cash Without Having Your Own Products, And Without Any Customer Support Or Hassles, Just By Following My Simple Formula For Affiliate Marketing Success!"

There is a common misconception surrounding affiliate marketing and it's could be costing you a lot of money.

Because it's so easy to sign up as an affiliate, most people assume that you don't really need any skills to become an affiliate marketer.

In fact, affiliate marketing is something that really does need to be learnt. It's a skill like riding a bike, painting a house or designing graphics. It's not something you can learn on your own easily.

I know this because I learnt it the hard way.

You see, long ago I started making money online. I think I started long enough ago that it was easy to make money. I had some AdSense sites and they were doing pretty well. I knew though that the big money wasn't in AdSense and that I needed to start selling products to really turn my hobby into a business.

Naturally, I gravitated towards affiliate marketing and tried out my luck selling products to the traffic I already had.

I knew that the process wouldn't be quick, so I wasn't nervous when I wasn't making any sales.

I really had no idea why I wasn't selling any of the products I was promoting, but I had a million different theories. Mostly though, I figured I needed to give my new business time get started. No one makes a million dollars overnight and I knew my sales would eventually come.

All that I had heard for the previous couple months was how profitable affiliate marketing was, so I knew that I shouldn't be worried. I continued doing what I was doing and I was confident that things would pan out.

A couple months later, I was depressed, angry and exhausted.

In the few months I'd been working with affiliate products, I hadn't made more than a half dozen sales.

I was working around the clock to try to improve the way I marketed my affiliate products, but still, nothing was working. I became obsessed with optimizing my sites and I often would work throughout the night making as many small changes as I could, but still, no sales were coming in.

Eventually, I reached my limit. I wasn't selling squat and I'd had enough.

I took down my sites and stopped selling completely. I unsubscribed from all the different affiliate marketing email lists I joined and decided that everyone who claimed to be making big money from affiliate products was either a liar, a cheat or both.

Apparently, I hadn't unsubscribed from all the lists, because a couple days later I got an email from one of the affiliate marketing 'gurus' promoting some new affiliate product.

That was the last straw, I had enough of hearing about how awesome affiliate marketing was and how it could make anyone instantly rich. I sat down in front of my computer and sent the most scathing email I've ever written to this guru. I told him he was a fraud and a swindler and that he should be ashamed of himself for continuously lying to people. When I get mad, I can really be bitter.

To my surprise, this guru emailed me back almost immediately. He apologized for my bad experienced and told me that he fully believed in the affiliate process. He said that to prove his good will, he'd counsel me through the affiliate process so that I could see exactly how I could get it to work for me.

Well, this story wouldn't be very good without a happy ending and thankfully for both me and my business, it does!

This guru (who asked to remain anonymous) showed me what I was doing wrong and how to do things right. I couldn't believe how many different things I was doing wrong. In just a matter of days, my affiliate products were selling and I was making money. With his help, I was finally on the right path towards making real money online.

After the help this guru provided, I offered to pay him for his time and service, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said he helped me to restore my faith in the industry. He said that if I wanted to show my appreciation for his help, that once I got my business running and I was confident in my ability to consistently make money online, that I would dedicate a portion of my time to helping other people learn how to properly sell affiliate products.

It's now a couple years later and I know that I'm finally in position to help other people who were once frustrated and angry like I was.

It is with this in mind that I created Affiliate Success Strategies to help everyone learn from my mistakes.


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Kwandao Namvongka Advanced    ***
very interesting
Jan 26th 2011 07:24   
Rae Arnold Segobia Innovator   
thanks ... Just copy paste URL.
Jan 26th 2011 07:37   
Sridhar Paruchuri Professional   Web Strategist
Yes, True, It's easy to sign up for any program. But for marketing and earning that needs some skill and dedication.
Jan 26th 2011 07:45   
Rae Arnold Segobia Innovator   
thanks... yes easy to sign up.
Jan 26th 2011 08:40   
Rodolfo Santos Committed   Civil Eng. Consultant
do you refer to reseller programs?
Jan 26th 2011 14:36   
Rae Arnold Segobia Innovator   
it's all my product
Jan 26th 2011 19:07   
Etool Citi Advanced   
very interesting
Jan 26th 2011 22:06   
Rae Arnold Segobia Innovator   
You just buy cheap. Just copy paste the details in the browser with a URL at the top there please sir. Also ready to download ones.
Jan 27th 2011 03:46   
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