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This site promote a sumary of powerfull tools & social networks that pay by spread the word, establishing a Critical Path to Wealth, getting several free tools to promote them without spending any dime from our pocket initially. But, getting tools from companies where we can upgrade later and make money with a low investment and build from this way an empire on the net in the shortest time possible.

The old school of marketing says: "focuse in only one business to get success" but the truth is that the businesses on the internet are extremely fast and starting at low cost. Therefore, build an empire is better than build a business if your goal is big.

A building is not built only with stones, other materials is also used like: water, cement, steel and  with proper design even make it resistant to earthquakes. None tree grows held by a single root, however many roots support and nourish the tree and contribute to it have the necessary nutrients for their fruits be delicious.

So, an appropriate strategy, with the proper tools, a team of people who think and act with an open mind to the prosperity and generosity to help convey this philosophy of business, will grow a business from nothing to an empire in Internet.

Remarks: Building or the tree means the empire while materials or roots means little business at low cost and with only one investment.

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Rodolfo Santos is a very good entrepreneur. We can learn many thing from. He constantly search ways of making money online and help others to do same.
 - yogeshmmm February 12th, 2014

Rodolfo Santos is doing a great job here on Apsense i highly Recommend him for his hardworking.
 - traiborg October 29th, 2013

Rodolfo Santos is doing a great job here on Apsense i highly Recommend him for his hardworking.
 - llaacademy May 30th, 2013

Hi Santos, wishing good luck and welcome to apsense family, waiting good response and valuable suggestion from your end
 - rosefrankie8 July 24th, 2012

I met Rodolfo here in APSense, he is a specialist in online business, follow him.
 - wleam May 26th, 2012

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