Robots that can deceive humans!

by Bipin Shah Self Employed

Researchers in U.S. are developing robots that can deceive humans and other robots. These robots, if everything done alright, can probably be used for military in future.

Scientists have developed a robot that can deceive an enemy soldier by creating a false trail and hiding so that it will not be caught. The study was published in the International Journal of Social Robotics.

Ronald Arkin, an author of the study said, "We have made algorithms that allow a robot to determine whether it should deceive a human or an intelligent machine and we have designed techniques that help the robot select the best deceptive strategy to reduce its chance of being found."

In future, robots capable of deception may be valuable for several different areas, including military, search and rescue operations. Robots on the battlefield with the power of deception will be able to successfully hide and mislead the enemy to keep themselves safe.

For this study, the researchers focused on the actions, beliefs and communications of a robot attempting to hide from another robot to develop programs to produced deceptive behaviour.

The first step of the developers was to teach the bot how to recognise a situation that warranted the use of deception. To test their algorithms, the researchers ran 20 hide-and-seek experiments with the two bots.
The hider robots were able to deceive the seeker robots in 75 percent of the trials, with the failed experiments resulting from the hiding robot's inability to knock over the correct markers to produce the desired deception.

According to the researchers, while there may be advantages to creating deceptive bots, there are also ethical implications that need to be considered to ensure that these creations are consistent with the overall expectations and well-being of society.

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Peter H. Committed   Real People Real Business
wow.. that was intresting
Sep 13th 2010 02:51   
Reggie W. Senior   Internet Marketer
Will Smith tried to warn us in I Robot
and look at HAL in 2001
Sep 13th 2010 04:15   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer
interesting ! Amazing !
Sep 13th 2010 04:51   
John Dallas Professional   
Its interesting
Sep 13th 2010 06:59   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Very informative my friend, seems that the craps gonna hit the fan sooner than we thought. ILL BE BACK.
Sep 13th 2010 07:38   
Sam Djimun Professional   XO Blogging
Yea, That's a great info. So what we have to prepare facing this kind of new era?
Sep 13th 2010 08:29   
Mikael Nigrin Committed   manager
well,well, with very great eyes I will look this project
Sep 13th 2010 08:30   
Bj aka Bill Brown Magnate I   Hosting and Backup Service provider
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@ Babu Shah you need to delete adout ramin shahryar comment - do not allow spam ads in comments
Sep 13th 2010 10:29   
Bipin Shah Magnate I   Self Employed
@ bjantiques Comment Deleted
Sep 13th 2010 10:34   
Bj aka Bill Brown Magnate I   Hosting and Backup Service provider
@Babu Shah good please make sure that any ads posted as replies to anything you post are deleted they do nothing to add value to your thread, which has very interesting ad informative information in it.
Sep 13th 2010 10:57   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
roberts are already here as bots on the net ! The future not only militarily but for daily usage belongs to ROBOTS ! Artificail intelligence code shall be cracked soon Foture belongs to robots what are we ? a robot in the hands of GOD? Same shall be with theses robots machine- humans in the hands of MAN bot shall be uncotrollable ! What are "DRONES" ? Internet evolved out Military necessities so shall be robots All the best
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All the best
Sep 13th 2010 11:34   
Nico Ranan Advanced   
very nice research... i just hope it will benefit earth and humanity
Sep 13th 2010 12:57   
Cindy Stark Committed   Interner marketer
It is very interesting what they can come up with now.
Sep 13th 2010 21:52   
Luis Figueroa Committed   Independent Entrepreneur
Humans are evolving and technology too. Nice and interesting Post by the way.
Sep 14th 2010 01:08   
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Bj aka Bill Brown Magnate I   Hosting and Backup Service provider
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Sep 27th 2010 14:59   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
Bjantiques I want to let you know that I like you and your posts and unbiased modrration forr the good of thid forum pLEASE DONOT TAKE IT AS A SPAM BUT IT IS THE REAL FEELING THAT IS COMING OUT THE HEART OF AN 79 YEARS MAN, yOUR NOTE ABOUT ROBOTS IS VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING i THINK THE SEARCH FOR aTIFICIAL INTELLEGENCE SHALL LAND MAN ON A SUPER ROBOT BUT ITS CREATIVITY IN THE REAL SENSESHALL NOT BE ABLE TO SURPASS AN ENLIGHTENED human !! Our lord our creater! If we do that we shall be able to Create life which cannot be done .That is not possible !!
As ideas only dawn on the humans not aninanimate things like a robot the artificial intallegence at best shall be a slve to human inguinity it cannot take its place /Feeling emotions ND ALL THAT wHAT ABOUT EARNNG ON AUTO BY EMPLOYING A ROBOSCIETIST IN THE REALM OF REASEARCH?
Sep 28th 2010 17:02   
Bj aka Bill Brown Magnate I   Hosting and Backup Service provider
@vpsmalhotra i do not understand your comment to me - i have only taught a new member how to protect their posts from morons - my only comment on the post was that it contained interesting and informative info. I would suggest that your signature file is misleading. Contact me privately if you want me to clarify.
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