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October 31, 2008 -

 My Only Regret Is I didn't have pictures of how bad Bonnies sores and infections actually were. Her poor eyes were swollen, her head was so hot to the touch, the smell of infection from her body would gag you, you could touch her ears and she would cry, just to touch her body to hard would cause her to, doggy scream.

Working From Home With Seaaloe - Why I Changed My Focus:

 If you browse my blog postings and see why I changed everything I do on the internet due to the results I witnessed so far with Seaaloe you too will decide to change your course and get results or if your brand new to the internet and looking for a chance to "Work From Home" you need a good product. Years on the internet I have never found anything better, so this would be a way for you to avoid costly mistakes and build a business you can call your own and be Proud to have your name associated with.

The Thought Of Not Having My Bonnie:

My son Tim told me if Bonnie died I had nothing to feel bad about I had given her a wonderful life for a dog and my husband just seemed to believe she was ate up with cancer. What I haven't mentioned was giving her baths she always has blood pouring from her body. I'm going to give her a bath today and see if that has stopped also - I'll let you know on that one, I truly expect this to be better also. I just honestly couldn't stand the thought of not having my Bonnie. I'm so Thankful For My New Hope and Her Recovery from a human whole food dietary vitamin supplement, who would have ever thought, definitely not me or I would have used it years ago.


Depressed Bonnie About To Die:

 In July I had to go out of town for one night, while gone I was so depressed because I had to leave Bonnie and wanted to be with her when she passed on. I pretty much honestly believed I would return home to her not being with me anymore. Yes, I love this dog! And leaving her to go on that trip was very hard to do. Thank goodness when I returned she was still alive, sick but alive and she was as glad to see me as I was her. Bonnie is seven years old and most german shephards do get the sores on their legs, but not to the degree that Bonnie did. Always having Shephards it's sad to me the fact that their life spam is so much shorter than the smaller pets. I have lost many, usually their back hips go out around the age of nine if they are full blooded - I have hope now that Bonnie will out live any German Shephard I've ever owned. The oldest passing on at twelve years of age.

Why I Love Bonnie So Much - She Needed Me!

 Bonnie had been abused - My husband had called me from work one day and said someone is giving away a registered german shephard, not quite two years old at the time. She was located about an hour away but I wanted to go look at her anyway. When I arrived the original owner who breeds professional shephards had gotten her back from the owner who purchased Bonnie (at that time named Scarlett on her papers) as a puppy.
This women's husband had died, she had two other dogs but wanted Bonnie to be in the house with her. Soon she remarried and her new husband abused Bonnie.

 I've had her for over 5 years and she is still terrified of my husband - all men for that matter. I knew I would rename her immediately , I didn't want her to have any memories of the abuse that had been so cruely inflicted on her. Upon arriving when I first saw her we were connected -

 The breeder who had called me later wanting me to take another abused shephard mentioned he knew the way Bonnie took to me we were a fit, unfortunately I had more dogs than I could manage so I couldn't rescue that one. I now have six dogs, lol - they show up I keep them. With Bonnie though she seemed to know immediately I had rescued her. The following days she would try to help round up my horses when I went to feed - stayed right on my heels.

 What was sad is as friends and family would come for a visit Bonnie would disappear, terrified to be around anyone but me and grieved for not being able to be at my side. I am her protecter. I have never had a dog depend on me or love me the way my Bonnie does. Honestly, I'd love to meet the person who must have abused her so badly that even after 5 years she is still terrified of men. Well, perhaps that wouldn't be a good idea - I don't think I could control my temper.

So for me to be blogging this my intention is to give the true meaning to everyone that follows my post of just how special Bonnie is to me and how she depends on me to help her and I am so attached to her. I'm sure all pet lovers can relate to this. Also how this has totally changed my focus on how I make an internet income helping others while helping my business.


The beginning of Bonnie's Sickness:

 Three years ago I arrived home to find Bonnie's shoulder gashed open. The vet did surgery, inserted a tube for drainage. From that point on she appeared to develop what looked like staff infection. One vet simply told my husband to put neosporin on her legs. It didn't work. I used antibiotics, medication for thrash I gave to my horses and even very strong wormers and infection killers. Nope, nothing worked and she was dying. Infections spreading through out her body.

 I let Bonnie start staying in the house a couple of years ago. Her hair constantly came out in clogs. Everywhere Bonnie layed she would leave piles of hair. Frustrating for me but then again, I love Bonnie. One month now and Bonnie has very little shedding, her coat is so much softer and shinny. If only I could keep her from eating all my other dogs food so she would lose some weight, lol


I Ordered SeaAloe September 22, 2008:

 A few days after taking it, I loved it and the thought came to me to give it to Bonnie. Needless to say within a week I saw her health turning around. The first week of October I began taking pictures because I know people won't believe you without proof. I'm showing the proof not only for the benefits it has given me thus far but for people who love their pets. This being a human liquid supplement you can judge for yourself. If Seaaloe produces this type of results on pets what do you think it will do for your own wellness.


 Of course, I can't tell you Seaaloe will heal anything. We know FDA doesn't want to approve anything other than prescription drugs. What I can tell you is Seaaloe is performing miracles in my life. My energy, my aches and pains, my hair and nails are healthier, my jack russell "Ruger" who shed awful has improved, my german shephard "Bama" is eating better, she survived parvo as a pup and seemed to have lost her appetite and sense of smell - When I give her SeaAloe - She has an appetite.

I even have a testimony that it has healed someones hemroids, lol -Yeah, a person, what Seaaloe is intended for - People...Another person had told me after two months that they had taken Seaaloe they didn't think it was helping but then realised their feet wasn't hurting anymore. Hey, I'm watching my husbands bald spot on the back of his head - I have that much faith in this now...I expect that 60 year old man not to go bald since hes now on the product. If that works I'm sure there will be no stopping my grown sons from ordering it. They are a hard sale. I wan't them on it for their health, if it helps Johnny's baldness they will beg me for it...I'm sure there are different results for everyone - you just have to test it yourself and provide your own testimony.


Seaaloe Facts And Guarantee:

I can tell you that if you need a great tasting whole food nutritional supplement for your overall health - Seaaloe is backed by a complete 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. What I recommend for people to save money is if they do decide to order, do the we-pak where you get 3 bottles - thats an ounce a day for 3 months. You can't take seaaloe for a week or two, no need - you have the guarantee to give this a real try. I personally take an ounce in the morning and one at night. You would have to check out the ingredients to know that this is completely safe.

Why Not Try It:

 I also recommend to people who are concerned about the health of themselves, their children, etc., and of course their pets go ahead and sign up as a distributor. I truly believe once you've tried seaaloe you will tell others and they might as well order from you - Its a very simple business and theres no additional cost for your website or the tools needed to work from home. I have a huge sign being made now for my yard on the highway. You do get your first set of business brochures free with the we-pak order if you chose to sale it and they also sell business cards, etc.


Bonnies Pictures After SeaAloe:
Bonnies Progress In Only 45 Days
Look At Bonnies Progress Only A Little Over One Month On Seaaloe - October 31, 2008 so just about one month progress .This Area Was Huge - Red Bleeding Sores - So Much Hair Regrowth and Healing
Look How Good This Is Looking!
I ordered Seaaloe on Sept 22nd - 08
 This Looks
Bad I Was Thrilled With The Results This Early On...this was about a week after first
putting her on Seaaloe

LOOK At All The Hair Regrowth - Also Under Her Chin Was Sores - This was a healing picture, once again I didn't have a shot of how infected this area was in the beginning although you can see in this post around her mouth and look at the one below, they are gone -
see all the new peach fuzz?  See -  All Those Sores Around Her Mouth Are Gone? - See all the peach fuzz beginning to grow back? Yeap one month earlier she had no hair and this was one huge sore - had green infection coming out, Yuck! This Was October 31, 2008 - Look how Good Her Eyes are looking - isn't she sweet? Just one month After Being On Seaaloe - (Shes trying to hide from me and the camera - Oh Not again, lol) Compare This Picture To The One Below - She had been on Seaaloe about a week or so in this bottom picture - You can see the darker hair regrowth started on her leg.  See the sore? Her mouth, both legs, under her legs, and both front legs were covered in huge ones like that...


Just remember the sores were worse than what I have pictures of - Vets said neosporin, lol - It didn't work - Nothing worked - Seaaloe has brought My Bonnie back to life and not only healing her sores - regrowing hair thats been gone for three years, seems to be taking the infection out of her ears. She would cry just for me to touch them lightly, now she loves her ears massaged again. It has stopped her high temperature and she is no longer shedding all over my carpet - thats Huge! I love that for my other dogs also especially my little jack russell "Ruger".  You couldn't hold him without being covered in hair - not anymore! Miracle to me..

Why I Changed Everything I Do On The Internet:

Well if you don't see the reason in the pictures above heres a little more info -

Believe me when I say I've tried it all. Yes, I've made some good money on the internet, only problem is most people who signed up under me didn't or the actuality is most people who first come to the internet see all these millions of so called "guru's" who really aren't and all the pretty sites and offers to promise you overnight riches and spill over...Don't believe it for a second!

You can read this blog and then click off and go after that very professional looking site - Huge Dollar signs, very educated, intelligent wording and get caught up and throw down some money. Good Luck! Or you can browse this blog and read the history of the company - The benefits of Seaaloe for health and the commission plans. You can also know that very few internet company's offer radio infomercials and TV commercials, you have found one that does and will...With the guarantee to back it up.

 I am a huge believer of herb's, have sold Enrich and my first work from home business on the internet was with Herbalife. All those pills, all the cost, a different pill for everything, taking sometimes 20 pills 3 times per day and now they tell us - thats really bad for us and our system doesn't absorb pills the way it does liquid. I soon realised that all Herbalife seems to do is sell to each other. I paid huge dollars for the almost guaranteed leads - $1,500 per 6, ouch! - $50 for the website, I had to pay for the merchant account, spent hours on the phone spinning my wheels and after a few months and $14,000 loss I started searching the net.

That would have caused many to quit although I had to save face with my husband and try and recoup my losses. I had given up my job to go in search for the perfect internet income so yes, I was one determined lady, that wasn't going to beat me and I thought I would swear off anything nutritional ever again, or so I thought...That was before SeaAloe!


Internet Nightmare - Live and Learn Some More...

So after losing $14,000 in my first try and desperately seeking for a real internet working from home business - all that got me was tons of advertising to purchase, submitters to buy, SEO blasters, Oh boy - All Crap! If I saw it I pretty much bought it thinking this will help. Well they told me it would...Nope! Most people and company's on the internet are making a few dollars selling stuff that really gets no results in building anyone a long term business. I soon found out through a connection I met, yes a SEO Expert that the website I had been advertising for two years and my domain name was also junk. Blogging, etc., was giving them credit for advertising - all those FFA sites was getting me blacklisted, etc.

More To Come:

 This connection has changed my life and introduced me to a true product that once I tried it I was sold. Everything else now makes me sick at my stomache just to think about. I am grateful for my experience and this helps me to share my knowledge to help others not to make the same mistakes, problem is they seem to have to experience this for themselves, why would they listen to a woman in Alabama? This woman sits in the top of search engine rankings all over the net - Remember that one... Having my connection there is so much more in the works for other businesses and ways for people to earn income - Seaaloe is just the top product. More Info on this later if you decide your interested in a Seaaloe business.

Why Listen To Cathy?

I have my own style. From the time I first started marketing others would tell me what I was doing wrong, keep in mind I was signing up downline and they weren't yet they continued to tell me to do it differently. Well what I was doing seemed to work so why change it just because it wasn't the norm? I have a reputation on the net that I'm proud of - Although of course I've joined stuff and put my heart and soul into it and that hurts when others don't see results and really don't have a product that was any real benefit to them. Also What I'm involved with now I can sleep knowing that I'm selling something that will enrich lives if they listen. I teach you from my experience - I have the product and the Knowledge and the best connection on the internet - A SEO Expert!


Background And Fed Up With More Lies Even In Management!

Being a manager for several internet programs or company's even those I had no control. I was either not informed or the CEO simply pulled the plug after I had put my name on the line thinking it would be what they promised - or should I say they painted a pretty picture and yes we all fall for that pretty picture...Problem there is they want to use your talent without having a true plan - just dollar signs, no loyalty, no morals or so it seems.

 Cathy Romine doesn't work that way - being a mother and grandmother and huge animal lover I guess its just the mothering nature in me. I also believe in protecting people and if I have no consideration for others and could care less who I take advantage of as long as I succeed - well, thats simply not my style. So now, yes, I control my destiny! I no longer need those founders and CEO's who don't communicate the way they should with their members and use my hard work to build their income or their business - What I build is my income - What I teach can be yours. In the short of it - I'm so excited because I feel good and I have hope for my Bonnie and my other pets, that in itself is worth it all to me...

Who Is Cathy Romine?

I'm a worker - I'm a survivor -Again, I don't need to use my talent to make company's rich - I need to use my talent to teach others how to earn income while getting the best nutrition available anywhere - and yes securing my future while helping others who want to duplicate what I do. In conclusion - finally - to this post, lol -

I'm not about getting people to join and leaving them high and dry. I share my secrets of getting top search engine positions without paying a fortune, what real tools you will need to build your business that will get results long term if your willing to invest the time. So yes, I will share but I won't do it for you. I teach and share with those serious about wanting to improve their health and wealth with a product that you can achieve great success with, but most importantly whether anyone wants Seaaloe for a business or not - I highly recommend it because it works! Everyone Needs it so I'm obligated to share my story - I am one fortunate woman.

 If everything else was naught - I found a healthy product that has given me back my energy, taken away some of my pains and no telling what else - Plus its given me a real hope now with real results that my Bonnie will be here for years to come. So here's the truth - if its nutrition and wellness you need - I recommend Seaaloe - If its working from home - I also recommend Seaaloe...Definitely I recommend the product and the business, if you check it out thoroughly - I'm sure you'll agree.  If your still into hype and scams I'm sure you don't want something this good - Good luck to you, you'll need it.

My Sincere Appreciation:

 It took Mark a few months to convince me to give this a try. I thought I knew it all - yeah right... Thank you Mark for introducing me to Seaaloe and for sharing your knowledge of the direction I needed to take my business.

Cathy Romine
SeaAloe Alabama

Heres My Video Again - Click Here

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Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
What a great post Cathy. Very interesting read indeed. (don't you love it when it Rhymes). Your an animal lover like I am. Glad you were able to save your dogs life. It is terrible when they are so dependent upon you and you find yourself. Glad Bonnie got better. I wonder what was wrong with her... just a massive infection?... Cindy
Aug 16th 2011 13:40   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
Yes - a great post. As an animal lover I would strongly recommend that anybody with a sick animal DOES NOT TRY TO CURE IT WITH A DIET SUPPLIMENT. This is a very touching story but being the old sceptic that I am, I have to ask what medications were given as well as the seaaloe. If there were no proper prescribed medications, I have to ask why not. Dietary suppliments are well known for their waste of resources (I have taken part in over 200 clinical trials of such suppliments) because they over-provide and place extra pressure on the body's lymphatic system while it tries to reduce the over doses. A normal healthy diet needs no suppliments despite what the quacks and MLMers tell you.
Aug 16th 2011 17:02   
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