Predictify - Simple - Fun - Predict the future!

by Beth Schmillen
Predictify provides a simple, fun way to engage in
current and future newsworthy topics. Users can
find events that interest them, predict the outcome,
build a reputation based on accuracy, and even get
paid real money when they’re right! Best of all, it’s
free – no points or bets required.

This is not surveys that go on for page after page.

They are simple yes or no

sometimes select one of several

It is not intended as a means to make money.

I've made money. $1.10 and all I did
was predict Hillary Clinton as being the
one to get the most counts from one of
the caucauses...

You made $1.10 by predicting the outcome of:

Who will capture the most delegates, in total, in the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday (February 5, 2008)?

Your Prediction: Hillary Clinton
Actual Outcome: Hillary Clinton

Your Payout: $1.10 = $1.10 (accuracy and time) + $0.00 (Beginner bonus)
Highest Payout: $7.75

Each user's payout is based on accuracy, level of expertise, and time of submission (earlier is better) relative to other users. The time factor is included to reward predictors for responding early, when there often is less certainty about the outcome of an event. Learn more about how payouts work:

If you participated in any challenges on this question, the results are available from the question page or your dashboard.

Visit Predictify again soon to predict the outcome of future events and get paid for being right!

Click the link above this txt!

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CatHead Advanced   
Sounds like a fun website beth, I'm heading over there to check it out! Thanks very much for the info.


Feb 9th 2008 00:12   
CatHead Advanced   
Are you sure that's your correct referral id? After signing up, I have one friend ( I assume it's my referrer) named Parker Barrile!
Feb 9th 2008 00:48   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
I joined, Beth! :)

I love predicting the future! LOL! :) For example, I know that you are going to laff yourself silly at this one:

Hillary Clinton goes to a fortuneteller who says to her, "Prepare yourself to be a widow, your husband will soon suffer a violent death!" Hillary takes a deep breath and replies:

"Will I be acquitted?"

Feb 10th 2008 14:49   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
Hi Cat... that's ok if you ended up under another person? or not... it's just for fun!

Feb 10th 2008 16:58   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
Hey Peaceful...

that has me chuckling and chuckling! ty!

good one!
Feb 10th 2008 17:00   
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