Network Marketing Training and Positive Thinking

by Brian Kopp

Network Marketing Training and Positive Thinking.


 Brian K Kopp says network marketing is a system of selling items to others to make money as most businesses do; however, to make the money you need to recruit others and have them sell the item to others as well. This leads to them getting others to sell the product for them, and the more people that sell below you, the higher your profits climb for all of those involved.

This may seem like an easy task, but training these individuals can be trying. Each member of your marketing team must be dedicated to selling the product and must be able to stay motivated while working with potential clients and other sales reps.

Your recruits and yourself may be faced with hurdles, such as potential clients telling you no or asking questions that you may not know the answer to. Knowing how to handle these types of questions can help you to sell the product to more clients. When dealing with marketing network training, you must teach each member everything that you can about the product. One who knows more about a product can answer more questions and can sell a product faster than one who has to call in others for help. The question that raises is, how do you get consistent training to all of your recruits in a timely manner? If you are like anyone else then you already have plenty to do managing your own businesses and life in general seems to get in the way.

After coming to a point in my life that enough was enough I decided to bite the bullet and produced a set of training DVD's using the talents of Internet Marketing Expert (I don't like that G word) John Logar. John Logar only spends a small number of hours each day working his Internet businesses and with outstanding results. So I rang John who happens to be in the same City as myself and after one or two discussion we hit out to provide the answer to my needs.

We used a classroom situation to record John giving the benefit of his knowledge to several of our recruits over five nights. The DVD's are now in post production and we are very excited about how this helps all of our down line people to become proficient in the dark art of making money on the Internet.

One thing that became very apparent very early on in the making of the DVD's was that the students became very excited about our product. A marketer who is excited about their job and their product will get others excited about having the product. This works for both the client and other recruits of the network. The easier and more comprehensive the training is with the convenience of being able to review the training when ever they please is going to relieve you of many calls and explanations.

And of course all you need to talk to the recruits is how good their compensation plan is and be sure to remind them that the more recruits that work under them, the more money they will make themselves. Money tends to make your down line very excited.

Getting started in a business such as network marketing, you can become discouraged if you do not make money as quickly as you thought that you would, but given time, you will make more money and sell more products. Staying motivated may be hard at first, but it is worth the effort and your motivation will be infectious to those that work with you.

Show your trainees just how they make more money by recruiting others to join the team, and how they stand to profit by their recruits adding more recruits. Showing them charts or percentages may help add to the cause, as they can actually see the types of profits that will be brought in for each recruit under them.

Communication between all members of the network marketing can make operations run more smoothly. Your people need to feel that they may speak with you regarding their work, products, other employees, and their lives. Promoting this type of work environment will make your company even more successful, as employees who feel their bosses are concerned with them are more likely to work twice as hard. A feeling of attachment and bond between employees will make an employee enjoy their job more.

Help your recruits stay motivated by training them appropriately. Let them know that their work is greatly appreciated by you and your company. Keep them informed of any situations that arise. Continue to add recruits and encourage each employee to find their own recruits to continue to increase everyone’s profits. And keep the training going and the best way to do that is to record the training and distribute to your people.
Happy Hunting!
Brian K Kopp
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profit4u Innovator   
Hello Brain,

Always ready to help you.

Best regard,

Dec 26th 2007 11:25   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I agree that training is crucial. We have many different trainings available and it has been shown that the associates who regularly attend training sell 3 tines as many memberships as those who do not attend.
Dec 27th 2007 11:05   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
Hello Brian,

Once again I see a great article that leaves me absolutely COLD!

I don't know many people whose sole motivation is money. I do, though, know many people who would like to have a little more money.

What I look for is something that will motivate them to perform a task that will not only earn them some money but also provide a fulfilling experience. Making money, of itself, is not a sustainable pleasure - indeed, it is a drudgery. This is why so many gurus use the 'j' word with such derision.

Surprisingly, I find that, even in this day and age, what motivates many more people than anything else is the simple pleasure of being able to help a fellow with a problem. This could be a health related matter, something to do with regulating their financial situation or simply making their life experience that bit better.

I find it so sad that so many trainers think that "show them the money and they will flock to your opp".

The reason many people like myself cannot recruit AND retain is that we do not enjoy this cycle of recruiting to make money off your recruits and then recruiting to replace those who fall by the roadside or fail to perform.

There is more than simple greed in the world - thank God - but all the MLM and IM training I see has more to do with boiler rooms than organisations providing a real service for the benefit of all.

As for positive thinking, just what on earth does that mean? Putting on a blind-fold and hoping that the bad stuff will simply disappear because you can't see it? Remember, small children think that when they close their eyes, nobody can see them because it has gone dark - that is the level of validity of positive thinking.

I repeat a situation I raised in another blog that nobody responded to:-

How would you feel if having taken your car to a mechanic and told him it was not working properly, the mechanic simply told you not to be so negative?
Dec 27th 2007 12:03   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
The key is in what the training addresses. With my product the training is not about how to sell but knowing the product. It's designed to show you how to use the product which is what you share with your prospects, how the product can help them in situations they would simply ignore or "chalk up to experience" That is what sells the product the benefits and not the product itself. Nobody wants a PrePaid Legal Services Membership, they want the benefits that membership can give them.
Dec 27th 2007 13:13   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
Isn't that what I said, Cheryl?

I was referring to this article and what it represented and not to your training which I know absolutely nothing about..

I have always maintained that nobody sells products. They sell status, they sell satisfaction, they sell life style enhancement, they sell benefits and they sell solutions.

This article mentions none of these things and majors on recruiting more recruits to recruit more recruits and so on - a recipe for disaster.
Dec 27th 2007 13:24   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Hello Brain,

Very well written article, detail, organized and time well spent writing this wonderful article. It is the first time l have read your writing and to be frank with you l truly enjoyed it.....I felt after reading it all l learned something and that is what we all want to benefit from one another teaching and learning............Training has it's advantage, the problem with training is found the right people to train............most have no idea what they are talking about and the others are too expensive.............You look at all the top companies and you know why they are there, it all boils down to the basics great training programs, follow up system and a management team that cares and understands the needs...........simple but very complicated why, we as humans found a way to mess it up...............

Dec 27th 2007 18:55   
Brian Kopp Innovator   
I thank all of you for your comments and it may surprise you to know that I mostly agree with The Old Coot. Money as motivation is not in of itself a healthy pursuit and I do not know anybody that only wants to make money. I have named my site Making Money, not for the pursuit of Money but for the things you can do with money. When I refer to making money or compensation plans, I within myself, am thinking of higher ideals than making my bank account larger. I also think that my fellow human beings are also thinking in similar ways.
Money to me is an object that signifies an exchange of energy of which you can do many things. Once you have a comfortable lifestyle and your family is well looked after then if you have excess money you are in a much better position to be able to help make the world a better place. Whatever you think needs to be done you can most likely get it completed with the aid of money. The philosophy of what needs to be achieved is different with each person, but money as a tool is very productive.

Also The Old Coot mention motivation should have two aspects; money and fulfilling experience. I think that is correct and again the philosophy of what fulfilling experience is up to the individual. My added comment is that I prefer to sell product or services that I will use my self and helps me to two ways:
1. I am happy with selling the product or service because I use it.
2. It helps me better understand the product. The point that ppl_cheryl63 made about knowing the product.
Otherwise you will be continuing to recruit for sake of recruiting and not as I like to do for the sake of providing people with the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

What positive thinking means to me is that you can dream of making the world a better place by helping others and if money is required to achieve your dream them you should make some or whatever else is needed to reach your goal. Positive thinking does mean recognizing problems. It certainly does not mean thinking every night that you will get $20,000 in the mail, that is delusion. It does mean, recognizing a problem and believing that you can do something about it, which might mean you may have to learn more skills, or earn some more money, or whatever else may be require, but you must recognize the problem to do anything about it. We are all unique and have abilities that need to be nurtured, dare to dream and most of all dare to act. Also from an old coot, but not The Old Coot. Regards Brian

Dec 28th 2007 21:24   
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