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Networking is a simple concept: It means you want to share ideas and learn from others who are currently successful.

The most successful Network Marketers are those that go out of thier way to help others succeed. They do this simply by posting articles on everything from how to stay healthy to the best ways to advertise/promote your businesses, to mentoring others that are new to the business. They read the description on Groups to make sure what they are posting relates to the created group.

Some even go so far as to NEVER post thier link/business in any forum except those that are specifically marked "free advertising" or "affiliate marketing" etc. What they do is simply add thier business site/link beneath thier names in thier signatures.

These few people are very successful in the Internet/Network marketing arena BECAUSE they are building RELATIONSHIPS not just advertising thier businesses. When you build relationships with others instead of simply advertising your business opportunity.... You show others that you are successful enough that you can take the time to help them. Therefore they usually want to know what business you are in that has allowed you to become so successful that you have the time to help others while still earning a living! Those people will most likely either contact you to get more information or go to your Personal page on the site to get more information...some will even join you in your venture!

The basic start of any networking marketer should be setting up your home page. Do not just put your link on the page, you should tell something about yourself as well. Then tell everyone about your business and why you are in it etc. Also you should always include a picture of YOURSELF on the page. If all you do is put your pet, product etc on the page, no one is going to feel much like joining any groups you might start let alone trust you enough to visit your website/business site.

There are alot of scam artists and scammer businesses out there that prey on newbies to the internet business arena, and people who are looking for a business opportunity will be more apt to trust those whom they can see.

Basic rules of Groups/Forums:

Post your business link in someone elses subject unless invited to do so

Advertise your business in any group unless the Group creator tells you its okay in the description

Be-little someone elses business/product

Engage in a debate on product/business (ie: mine is better than yours)

USE THE NETWORKING SITES EMAIL TO SPAM (ie:sell your business opp etc)

Create Groups

Join other groups and contribute information etc, make sure you read the description on the groups before you post to them

Help others

Post Blogs about How To Market, Webservices etc NOT AD FOR YOUR BUSINESS

Use the Classifieds on the site to promote your business

Use your business/site link in your signature Feature most sits provide

Use any feature that allows you to post a Bulletin as often as you can.

But most of all CREATE RELATIONSHIPS by participating in groups and helping others that ask for it.

If anyone else has anything to add to this blog please feel free to leave your comments!

Much Success to all!


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Gary Goodman Professional   Web Designer and Hosting
How did you get so many points? Your Friend, Gary
May 25th 2007 00:21   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Hi Gary
I dont know I guess I just like to network lol. I have alot of people in my network that joined before the launch. Only 11 in my direct downline but they in turn had several join thiers etc. You get points for that too.
Just invite those to join that you know will bring others into your network, then write blogs and join, post and create your own groups.
You get points for everytime someone posts to your groups.
Have you downloaded Apsense Express yet? If not you should. You get points for every 15 mins its on and also you get points everytime you post a bulletin.
If I can help you in anyother way please let me know.

Blessings & Much Success to you!
May 25th 2007 08:20   
Angelina Fricke Innovator   
Hello Collette,
Do you have any experience in network marketing and do you have your own business that you have set up for yourself and others besides here?

Just was curious.

Jun 25th 2007 10:15   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Hi Angelina
Yes I have 2 businesses I am in plus I have my own website, you can view them all on my business center pages . Yes I have experience in network marketing and all by trial & error plus some of my networking friends who manage their own networking sites have clued me in on a few no nos LOL

Jun 25th 2007 14:33   
Dan & Raquel Lins Innovator   
Hi Collette, I joined the apsense network, I copied and pasted your link you sent me in the email. I am surfing around the site, figuring this out. Take Care!! Dan & Raquel
Aug 11th 2007 00:16   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Well hey there!
Glad you made it Dan & Raquel! Make sure you check out the business center!

Aug 11th 2007 06:24   
Tn Committed   
thank you for the info . i hope there will be other along my way helping me
Sep 24th 2007 14:32   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Hello Laura
Welcome t o apsense! Just let me know if you need anything. Always here to help those in need.
Sep 25th 2007 05:36   
andy jack Innovator   Headline
Alright here it is 26 years of experience good article Collete,i m in internet marketting for near about 5 months,i am dealing with ceramics,I am i n need of help from people like you.Gr8 article.:)
Oct 20th 2007 06:37   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Thanks San
Just let me know if I can be of assistance. That is what I am here for.
Oct 20th 2007 09:01   
No longer an active member Professional  
Hi Collette,

You posted this blog about one year ago. Ah well, better late than never.

Learning & sharing as you rightly state are the basic building blocks to successful network marketing.

Technologies and tools change over time, but basic fundamentals do not.

This is a mindset that I strive to get across to my team members, but as with all things in life... those who are aware of it listen, and those who need it generally do not.

Many thanks,

Inaki Legorburu
Mar 26th 2008 02:36   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Hi Inaki
You are so right. But at least you are doing what is right and telling your mentorees the right things to do.As the saying can lead a horse to water but you CAN NOT make him drink!
Thanks for your comments!
Apr 16th 2008 09:01   
Rafal Mly Advanced   Internet marketer and blogger
great info very useful, thanks fro sharing
May 2nd 2009 05:29   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Thanks Raf!
Oct 26th 2009 18:27   
Harold Baughman Professional   
Nice, Collette.....

Aug 24th 2010 10:35   
Michael Phillips Advanced   
The one thing that stands true is, Marketing takes people helping people. God bless those who do.
Sep 29th 2010 09:07   
Harold Baughman Professional   
Good advise, Collette.....

Sep 29th 2010 09:15   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Thanks a bunch Harold, had to learn it all the hard way, no one there to help me so figured I would try to help others NOT make the same mistakes I made along the way
Sep 30th 2010 07:51   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Thanks so much Michael, I can use all gods blessings I can get
Sep 30th 2010 07:54   
Unmesh P. Freshman  SEO Professional

Very interesting reading
Nov 14th 2010 05:41   
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