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Rose quartz bracelets, pink crystal bracelets, gemstone beaded bracelets
Dec 10 2014 19:40

Natural rose quartz beaded bracelets, horse and ingot charm bracelets, pink crystal bracelets. Natural crystal bracelets, crystal jewelry. Rose quartz handmade bracelets, handcrafted jewelry. Pink gemstone bracelets, healing bracelets, yoga gemstone, beadwork bracelets, gift for teenagers, bracelets for her.


  •   Bracelets Style: link, Stretch
  •   Gemstone: Rose quartz
  •   Gemstone colors: Pink
  •   Gemstone shapes: Round
  •   18 piece round-cut rose quartz gemstone beads each measure 8mm wide
  •   2 piece rose quartz measures 10mm
  •   Metal: Alloy
  •   Finish: High polish
  •   Clasp: No
  •   Bracelet dimensions: 7 inches long

Natural rose quartz, flourish your love, ablebodied your marriage. Rose quartz symbolizes love, it is the love stone. Rose quartz enhanced the pink color of your aura, heals the wounds in love, reduce emotional troubles, and then enjoy in loves.

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The gemstone, sterling silver and pearls are test by " Certificate of Gem Identification", we have the test report.