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Lapis lazuli meaning and uses in Physical, mental and spiritual
Jan 21 2015 19:52
Lapis lazuli is a rare gemstone, and blue lapis lazuli is more precious. Lapis lazuli is popular also because it is one of the “Seven Treasures” of Buddhism, it has many uses and powerful effects.  Lapis lazuli uses and effects in physical1, When your eyes are over used, you may use lapis lazuli to release intraocular pressure, eliminate fatigue. Laying down and close your eyes, put lapis lazuli on your eyes, take a ease deep breathing, imagine indigo blue light through your eyes, it helps eliminate eye fatigue and protect our eyesight.2, Lapis lazuli corresponding to the brow chakra, it helps cure for insomnia, qualm and headache, it also helps lower blood pressure, dampen down emotions. Lapis lazuli also coordinate throat chakra, helps in heal the trachea, throat and respiratory tract disease.  Lapis lazuli uses and effect in mental1, Lapis lazuli helps in hypnosis and a deeper meditation, develop your power of observation and insight, promote spirituality.2, Lapis lazuli helps destroy your anger, mediate conflict, brings a honest and integrity character so that help people realize the importance of listening other people’s opinions, build a tie for love and friendship.3, Lapis lazuli helps cure trauma, eliminate emotional bound, helps people find spiritual consolation.4, Wear lapis lazuli during driving will eliminate the irritable mood by traffic chaos, make sure you have a safe journey. Lapis lazuli also helps defuse the hostility, help people daily interaction peacefully without indignation, express and communication more smooth.  Lapis lazuli uses and effect in spiritual1, Lapis lazuli is one of the Seven treasures of Buddhism, lapis lazuli color is the color of medicine Buddha of Tibetan Buddhism, so wear lapis lazuli can protect body and keep healthy, having nothing ever happen to you.2, Sit still with lapis lazuli beadwork, helps clear consciousness, strengthen your keen perception, not fall into the dazed, improve six sense and intelligent. Published on http://www.zjoyfashions.comRelated products:  Natural Lapis lazuli beaded bracelets – blue gemstone braceletsLapis lazuli lucky cat charm gemstone bracelets, prayer beads

Chalcedony stone meaning, healing properties and effect
Jan 21 2015 19:48
Chalcedony is a kind of quartz, cryptocrystalline quartz variant. Chalcedony and agate are same mines, the banded structured cryptocrystalline called agate, no banded and color uniformity cryptocrystalline quartz called chalcedony.   Chalcedony healing properties and effect: Red chalcedony property: Red chalcedony also called carnelian, it is the most passion chalcedony, symbolizes self-confidence, red chalcedony help us foster our steadfast determination, then we will realize how important persistence is. Pink chalcedony property: Pink chalcedony helps you find your inner peace, so pink chalcedony is also a crystal suitable to wear for sleeping. Pink chalcedony brings a trust emotion, inspires our internal active and curiosity, encourage us to change the fixed life. Blue chalcedony property: Blue chalcedony helps create the opportunity, because the power of blue chalcedony are flexible and active. Blue chalcedony prompt resulting sense of self, not limit in one’s own world, it is good for these who always worry tomorrow. Also, blue chalcedony aid in recall and improve memory. Purple chalcedony property: Purple chalcedony helps people solve overeating problem, relieve adverse reactions of overeat. Purple chalcedony also heals liver disease, relive pains from the body cuts, relieve discomfort from fever. Green chalcedony property: Green chalcedony also called chrysoprase, it helps mitigate worries and depression, brings joy and personal insight. Green chalcedony can improve memory, reduce anxiety, wear green chalcedony in the examination can fresh your minds to accommodate the tight. White chalcedony property: White chalcedony is the rarest one in chalcedony family, it has a milky white color, full and mellow with a delicate texture. White chalcedony can ward off evil spirits and misfortune, bolster fitness and provide protection against those infectious diseases. Related items:Green chalcedony bracelets, chrysoprase beaded bracelet, fish play lotus quartzite jewelryBlue chalcedony bracelet, gemstone beaded bracelets, quartzite jewelry, brave braceletsWhite chalcedony pink opal bracelets, gemstone bracelets, teen girl’s bracelet, lock charmPurple chalcedony Bracelets, quartzite bracelets, multi wrap bracelets, stackable braceletCarnelian ring charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, gemstone stretchy bracelets

White tridacna, calm shell meaning and healing properties
Jan 21 2015 01:24
Tridacna is the most white substance in the world, it is also a rare organic gemstone, Buddhist relics. From gemstone point of view, tridacna calm shell has a pearl luster and glossy but has a pure white color, only the glossy and delicate textured calm shell can be chosen to make tridacna jewelry.  Tridacna calm shell healing properties 1, Wear tridacna jewelry enhance the magnetic field of human body, remove annoyance, increase wisdom, protect you and people around. 2, Tridacna is the spiritual thing for Buddhist, it protect you from evil spirit. 3, The back ends of calm shell have same healing effect as pearls, the trace elements of calm shell aiding health care, boost metabolism, anti-aging and prevents osteoporosis. 4, Tridacna can relieve palpitation, calm & soothe the nerves. 5, The field of tridacna help sentiment, remove distractions, treat insomnia and then proceed the healthcare. Published on: Related products:White tridacna shell bracelets, pink chalcedony beads bracelets, white gemstone braceletWhite Tridacna beaded bracelets, calm shell bracelets, white gemstone jewelry

Red agate healing properties – reiki stone crystal cure
Jan 21 2015 01:22
Red agate is one the most healing gemstones, it can balance positive and negative energy, release mental stress, keep physical and mental health and harmony. Red agate is good for the sickly and just cured people to wear. Red agate can affect the endocrine system, regulate energy and blood, in order to maintain beauty and keep young. Red agate is the first choice gemstone for the women who pursue beauty. Red agate is good for school children, it can reflect them with reiki, make the children more clever and smart. Red agate also works on improving their memory and understanding. Red agate can be a powerful tool for the creator and inventors, it inspires the creation, inspiration flood in. Red agate eliminate stress and relieve nerves, defuse generation gap, promote the understanding between people, it is a gemstone for harmonious.  Carnelian ring charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, gemstone stretchy braceletsRed Agate elephant charm beaded bracelets, red gemstone bracelets8mm red agate beaded bracelets, gemstone bracelets, horse and coin charm bracelets8mm red agate bracelets, carnelian gemstone stretch bracelets10mm red agate apple charm bracelets, gemstone beaded braceletsRed Agate stretch bracelets, carnelian gemstone bracelets, lock beads charm braceletsRed agate bracelet-stretch beaded bracelets-agate gemstone jewelryRed agate bracelets, kissing fish beads charm gemstone braceletRed agate pony charm bracelets, gemstone beaded bracelets, carnelian stretch bracelet

Garnet stone meaning and properties
Dec 15 2014 20:06
Garnet stone meaning: Garnet is considered as the symbol of Faith, constant and simplicity, it is the birthstone of January. Garnet was considered as the talisman since ancient Egypt. Garnet is the most senior gemstone, that’s why chosen as a birthstone for January. If you were born in January, remember your maxim: loyalty, honest and brotherly love. Wear garnet and say to your mate “ I pledge faithful to you.” Garnet was also the 18th wedding anniversary gemstone, that’s why the 18 years marriage also called garnet marriage.   Garnet healing properties and uses 1, Garnet improve blood circulation, stimulates activity, and then maintain beauty and keep young, it is the first loved gemstone for women. 2, Garnet strengthen the regeneration ability, improve the productive system, accelerate the wound healing process. 3, Garnet helps restore physical strength, it is good for the people stay up late, work over time and tiredness. 4, Garnet helps promote body dynamism, enthusiasm, personal charisma and affinity. 5, Garnet been used as talisman. It is drawing happiness and endless love, enhance self-confidence, anti melancholy, helps people face their past trauma, let them use another way to understand thing, to feel calm, peace and joy. Garnet also boost the energy and inspiration when thinking, ward off evil spirits. It is a talisman stone that free from external violation.   Wear garnet jewelry also have the same effect as above said.FM:

Rose quartz meaning and healing properties
Dec 15 2014 20:03
1, Rose quartz mainly in developing heart chakra, enhance heart and lung health. Wear rose quartz can relieve nerves, relax tension mood, deep into the heart and find oneself, strengthens your mind. 2, Rose quartz is a gemstone that representative for love, it can enhance the pink light in your aura, promote and bring you loves. 3, Rose quartz can make you popular. Put rose quartz in your business place or where people moved frequently, can make a better public relationship, promote your business. 4, Rose quartz has a gentle and attractive shine, it helps improve the quality of relationships, make people around like you. 5, When the couples fight, put rose quartz between the pillows can help them resolve conflicts. Notes:  Rose quartz have some titanium elements inside, it will discolor when put in the sun, that’s why rose quartz not suitable for sunshine purify. Rose quartz is the love stone, if purify rose quartz please illuminate by moonlight.  FM: http://www.zjoyfashions.comRose quartz beaded bracelets, lotus charm bracelets, mineral gemstone jewelry, yogaWhite crystal with rose quartz bracelets, natural gemstone bracelets, multi wrap braceletRose quartz bracelets, pink crystal bracelets, gemstone beaded braceletsRose quartz camellia charm bracelets, multi wrap pink gemstone braceletsPink rose quartz bracelets, flat oval gemstone beaded bracelets, Aquarius luck stoneRose quartz bracelet, Hello Kitty charm gemstone beads bracelets, stretch braceletsRose quartz bracelets, fox charm gemstone bracelets, rose quartz jewelryRose quartz Bracelets – opal charm gemstone bracelets – healing jewelry

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