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Hi there, I have to share this with you, if I didn't, you?d be missing out on a huge opportunity. SlimBerryPro is a Network Marketer?s Dream. We've launched a quickly expanding World-Wide Global System, and you can become a FOUNDING MEMBER today for FREE. You can be on the TOP of this Global Launch of Wela?s high demand acai berry weight-loss supplement now available in over 100 Countries. Our system automatically starts building your team from the minute you join. We're getting phone calls and emails non-stop everyday. . . Industry Leaders, big hitters, former MLM Owners, VP's, you name it- they all WANT IN NOW!!! Lock In Now! *You will love the world class product. *We will help you build your team. *The system does 99% of the work for you 24/7. *The Compensation is the most lucrative ever. *Training and support *Turn key easy to follow systems. *Coop advertising system- so there is NO chasing friends and family. You take a FREE look at this business and lock in your spot now so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jump in now and let's have some fun. Imagine. . . Fast Starts, residuals, matching bonuses, profit sharing pools. . . We are launching in over 100 countries, you can be first in line. This company is exploding like crazy as folks from all over the World are joining. Sincerely, Wilmer Johnson Your Name

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Wela Slimberry Pro
Sep 19 2010 22:58

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Great profile here Wilmer!... I'll checkout your website tommorrow to see what's up.
 - megawealthx October 7th, 2010

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oklahoma city, United States
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