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Marketing with Nancy - Nov 28th 2023 03:06

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After my divorce I starting looking for a source of income that I could work from home.  Being in the landscape business for over 25 years and having a garden center, I was looking for something that was more flexible with the hours so that I could have a somewhat normal life again.

I started selling on Ebay and WOW that was interesting learning all that HTLM coding and a challenge for this granny - learning everything the hard way - trial and error. After months, I learned my way around Ebay and discovered the chat room and met many friends that have been very encouraging. But it was the bloggers on Ebay that thru me the life jacket when I seemed to be drowning (lack of sales) The bloggers have taught me so many things that my poor brain is on overload most of the time. (lolol)

Moving on...................

My next step in this wonderful new internet world I discovered affiliate marketing and more social networking - that has really been an education. I was really skeptical at the time but have to admit that I'm getting proved wrong - this really does work.  You can connect with me on Facebook - just click here

If you want to find out some of the mistakes I have made, some of the things I have learned the hard way and what is working now for me. Also, I will never be the type of person that will  ask you to join something that is not working for me and am not one of those people that flood you with invites - what I do is write blogs about what I'm doing and you can read them when you want or decide if they are right for you - then you can join or not. Check out my Blog Here

Nancy Radlinger

This has led me to the best advertising sources online, I am now in the traffic exchange business and us this resource for the majority of my advertising.  Keeping my sources diversified, I have also expanded into the Paid to Click sites, Text Ad Sites and have even open up my own mailer.  If you would like to keep your advertising more diversified - then join me here

Many times I am asked what has worked for me and I took the time to let people know where I earned the most of my earnings in 2014 - want to start earning in 2015 - then join me here

Thanks for listening to me babble - and by now you are wondering how in the world does she keep up with all this - well, I'm SERIOUS about what I'm doing here on-line and believe that things are not handed to you on a silver platter - YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR WHAT YOU GET - call me a little old fashioned - but it has worked for me in the real world - it will work here also. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you only have one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do

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Nancy is a "down to earth", hard working, fun to be around Networker, TE Owner and friend to many! She absolutely has my trust and loyalty, she has earned them. Nancy does business the way it should be done! I highly recommend using any and all of her sites!
 - jewelrygirl123 December 5th, 2013

I have been connected with Nancy here at APSense for a some years now. Nancy has been a very active member here and elsewhere on the internet. If you want to join a traffic exchange that works, join Nancy's own. If you want to recruit a downline that is active, look for Nancy. If you want a downline that is active, talk to Nancy and you will be there. She joined one of the programs I belong to under me and she got more people to join under her and she made my day. Thanks, Nancy.
 - bronnamdi September 4th, 2013

Nancy is friendly, helpful and courteous to her fellow online peers and friends.
 - imtiyaz March 23rd, 2013

Nancy is friendly, helpful and courteous to her fellow online peers and friends. She is ambitious by nature and would be happy to help you out in any way that he could help.
 - 360technosoft February 6th, 2013

Nancy is a wonderful, and kind person always willing to help others! She helped me get started with apsense and I am grateful for that. She is a hard worker and I wish her luck with all her future success. When ever I would have a question she would be more than happy enough to give me an answer! A person that I recommend for anyone who is serious about their business needs to know! Thank you Nancy for all the help you have provided to me.
 - tonylee93 July 29th, 2012


Nancy Radlinger
Wisconsin Rapids, United States
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