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I now just blog as the Aid Renegade. Currently I'm promoting the new Geo Sweep unlottery'.


Also Yoobeedoo penny auctions, a uk penny auction site with a twist.


You can also get the latest Euromillions lottery results and national lottery / lotto results.


Now that I'm finally out of debt, one big worry off my mind, I'm starting to concentrate on monetizing my blog in the hope that one day I can earn enough from my blog to quit my current mind numbing day job as a tiler. I'm starting to find charitable causes that catch my eye & make small donations.


Such examples of this are this bone marrow transplant operation post, the current stumbleupon my charity water project for Haiti and the BBC Children In Need charity.


Mke of my blog what you will!

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Yoobeedoo penny auctions
Dec 15 2010 13:07

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The unlottery, from Geo Sweep
Dec 15 2010 13:06

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