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Hi Denice, Great profile! I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Cheers Bert
 - profitquest September 25th, 2010

hoping to connect even further and wanted to let you know of a great tool with comf5 a technology refresh... connect futher on skype also goentskype
 - cruzn September 21st, 2010

Denice Duszynski Is a go-getter from the get-go. She is always looking to enhance her business, set-up conference calls, and find new ways to get out there and sell your products. I would love to have her stamina and energy, I look up to her as a mentorsort of in the field of promotions. I would love to meet her in person someday and pick her brains.
 - vintagerose September 11th, 2010

Hi denice, You have a very nice Profile i look forward to learning a lot from you about making money with blogging.
 - 1youcantoo April 20th, 2010

Looks like something everyone needs . Keep up the good work .Monty MyWorldPus Team Leader here to help !!!
 - monty49 August 19th, 2007


Denice Duszynski
United States
Someone who has made achievements with something to offer whether they are new ideas, experiences, products or services. View Profile
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