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Saving Five
Sep 12 2011 07:03
Program Details :
  • Banner and Text Link Ads [Each 2 Ads with Unlimited Impression]
  • Matrix size 3x7 [Spillover and Spillunder]
  • Potential Earnings up to $ 1,858 monthly [Depend on our hard work]
Earnings Opportunity :

If you refer only 3 people and each of your Direct and indirect referrals also refers 3 people each, your earnings will add up to.
Matrix is easy to fill up, but just focus on your 3 people, and help your 3 people, that will help you to achieve your goal.
Our system IS designed for long-term profit and IT IS Fast to break-even. Looking at the First level: Just 3 people under you means 3 x $2 =$6 So you can Break even at your first level for every month and if you go over that is your Profit!

I am not good in recruiting, Can I Join?

==>Absolutely Yes, You can !
Succeed together with Spillover and Spillunder
==>Your Upline Can help you EARN Too.

The beauty with this is, you are not building your downlines alone to fill all the levels, but through your Upline or Spillovers and Spillunders.
  • Once you sign up and upgrade you'll get a referral Link.
  • Get 3 People and Help 3 People by referring them and you've already made a profit!
  • After that you can keep referring or sit back and watch your money grow!
  • Too many People are spending $50 to $500 in doublers, profit sharing or HYIP's and fails.
  • But we try to help you save money and earn huge sum of cash and freedom from any the end of month bills.

SPILLOVER : When your Upline fills up his/her 1st Level or he/she has already 3 members in the 1st Level all the future referrals will go to his/her downline until the completion of all the Levels.
SPILLUNDER : When you fill up your 1st Level with 3 members all your future referrals will go automatically to your 2nd Level up to 7th Level.
Office Site's Spillover : When someone joined the program without any referral URL. We assign a random sponsor from active members for help members get downline too.

Have you seen the potential of Spillover and Spillunder?
Never again will you be building your downlines on your own! This model also helps you to build your referrals fast and easy.
These are current and highly sought after titles, and they are being bought and sold online every day. Whether you chose to utilize these products personally, or resell them for a profit, or both, their value far exceeds the cost of a Membership and we continuously add new products/titles every month! Talk about Value For Your Money - You have it all here!!