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DailyPayer Attractive AND Innovative Perpetual Income Distribution System   When you purchase ONE (1) DP Ad Pack at a cost of only $15 each, you will get: 1. 2,000 advertising credits to advertise your program/businesses to our global audience. 2. One (1) Unit of DPA which costs $10/unit 3. One (1) Unit of DPB which costs $5/unit   DPA Unit - each DPA unit will pay you a return of up to 200% of the unit price of $10. You will get a share of earnings of UP TO 2.5% per day for UP TO 150 days as follows:-   From Day 1 to Day 25 From Day 26 to Day 50 From Day 51 to Day 75 From Day 75 to Day 100 From Day 100 to Day 150 Number of Days in Period 25 25 25 25 50 Daily % 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 Total % for Period 62.5 50 37.5 25 25 Cumulative % 62.5 112.5 150 175 200 No Sponsoring Is Required to Earn. DPB Unit - each DPB unit will pay you a return of up to 200% of the unit price of $5. You will get a share of earnings based on our innovative perpetual income distribution system until you DPB Unit expires upon receiving a 200% return of the unit price of $5. No Sponsoring Is Required to Earn. Thus each DP Ad Pack of $15 will potentially rewards you with a 200% return of up to $30. Imagine if you have 10 DP Ad Packs, these will return you a total of up to $300. Imagine if you have 100 DP Ad Packs, these will return you a total of up to $3000 and so on. What happens if you just start with 1 DP Ad Pack of $15, you will get a return of $30 and from there you can get 2 DP Ad Packs and these 2 DP Ad Packs will get you a return of $60 and so on and on. Imagine how much you can build up from just one DP Ad Pack. Of course you can choose to withdraw along the way OR re-purchase new DP Ad Packs OR choose to repurchase AND withdraw - any strategy you choose , you will be able to grow your DP Ad Packs AND your income with DailyPayer.  The main key is to get started now to build your nest egg for the future with just One DP Ad Pack. DailyPayer Rewarding Affiliate Sharing Program DailyPayer has also in place a very rewarding Affiliate Sharing Program. Our members get rewarded well for sharing DailyPayer with others with affiliate bonus as follows:- For One DP Ad Pack Purchase Affiliate Bonus % equivalent in $ Level 1 8 1.2 Level 2 2 0.3 Level 3 2 0.3 Level 4 2 0.3 Level 5 2 0.3 Imagine IF over time you sponsor 10 members and each of them sponsors another 10 and then they sponsor another 10, all the way  to Level 5, this is the potential of what you can earn JUST from the purchase of One (1) DP Ad Pack by those referrals/downlines in your organisation: Purchase Of One DP Ad Pack of $15 each Total Members At Respective Level Affiliate Bonus $ Total $ Level 1 10 1.2 12 Level 2 100 0.3 30 Level 3 1,000 0.3 300 Level 4 10,000 0.3 3,000 Level 5 100,000 0.3 30,000 Total     33,342   Now, that's a very good income of around $33,342 and what IF you sponsor more then 10, and your referrals and their referrals do the same all the way down to 5 levels!! The potential is so HUGE!! Now the above is just for ONE (1) DP Ad Pack purchase. Imagine if each member purchases 2 , or 5, or 10, or even 100?  This is very likely and realistic and can happen over a period of time in tandem with DailyPayer long term innovative perpetual income distribution system. This is very exciting for those who choose to build with DailyPayer NOW. The potential of the bonus you can receive is enormous! So, those who get started early and get started on promoting DailyPayer, over time, will generate for themselves very good long term residual income, over and over again.   Get Started NOW!!

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DailyPayU - Advertising That Pays You Daily! DailyPayU is a one of a kind special hybrid program - you get paid daily, YES DAILY AND also you get paid on our company forced self-filling matrix! You only need to purchase a minimum of only 1 advertising share pack to begin earning! Everyone Earns! No sponsoring required! No one is left behind. Everyone gets paid in less than24 hours upon their upgrades! Your one advertising share pack will give you advertising credits for text and banner advertising. Your one advertising share pack costs only $20 each and this buys you one $10 unit in our daily earner program and one $10 position in our self-filling company forced matrix. >> Earn 2% daily on your daily earner for up to 75 days for a total of 150% return on your daily earner unit! >> Earn $55.00 on every position in the self-filling company forced matrix.Daily Earner You get 2% daily on your daily earner unit. If you buy 10 advertising share packs, you will get 10 daily earner units. Everyday, you will earn 2% on them and you will earn 2% daily for 75 days, for a total of 150%. You can earn up to 150% before the units expire and stop earning. To continue earnings, just purchase new advertising share pack. Many will want to buy new advertising share pack to earn continuously and you can compound and buy more Advertising Share Pack from your cash balance whenever you have enough to purchase. Self-Filling Company Forced Matrix If you buy 10 advertising share packs, you will get 10 positions in our Self-Filiing Company Forced Matrix. They will be placed one after another in our company's matrix with a structure of 2 x 3 self fulfilling matrix. Any positions that comes in later will be placed after yours and will help to push you up the matrix further. With program like DailyPayU and a successful one of a kind hybrid system, we expect many advertising share packs will be bought over and over again and we expect the matrix will be filled up very fast with speed of cycling never seen before! When your position completes the 2 X 3 matrix, you will be paid $55.00. Yes, you get six time returns on your advertising share pack! The more positions you have, the more times you can multiply your earnings! So sign up now and begin to earn daily! JOIN NOW

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What makes us so different from other similar programmes is; unlike every other similar program, our cycle algorithm is NOT a straight line! We have developed a system to cycle through Profit Sharing System positions in multiple ways. This means even the latest's positions can get cycled first adding much more excitement and growth to the programme.each position is limited to cycle to $60 thus MORE PEOPLE share in the profit and earn faster then ever. (Why let all the early positions suck up all the profits?)we have a compulsory 50% reinvestment policy to keep the programme running on and on - making sure YOU get paid over and over again. (The longer our members remain in the circle - the more they can profit).you get paid 10% Commission from ALL your recruit's direct purchases and reinvestments PLUS 5% Bonus Commission when their recruit's do the same. (Our members continually reinvest due to our 50% reinvestment policy - AND YOU WILL MAKE COMMISSIONS & BONUSES EVERY TIME!)we are adding more and more products and services continually - this programme will be here for a very long time to come. Step 1) Join as a FREE Member to start.Step 2) From your back office purchase product tokens and get positions in the Profit Sharing System - then watch your position cycle over and over again. Step 3) (optional) Share this great opportunity with others and make 10% on your customer's purchases and re-investments PLUS make another 5% whenever THEIR customers purchase or re-invest!!   "OMG!!! Can't believe how much I earned today! It went beyond my expectation. Was able to repurchase from my earnings. Will be buying more tokens as soon as my Alertpay Funding becomes available. I sent a request to my bank right away as soon as I saw what a great potential this is for us!" - [rochie] Special Note:: This opportunity is BRAND NEW. Join NOW and share the opportunity with all your contacts. We already have 7,242 members... don't miss out on this unique Opportunity!THIS IS A VERY GOOD TIME TO GET INVOLVED!!  

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IT'S WHAT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!It's History In The MakingNEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE AND WE MEAN NEVER!Have we found the MISSING piece to the puzzle?ONLY 5000 Pre-Sale Units Being Offered.Donít let this opportunity pass you by its history in the making.No need to find 2 people because you will have them.Monthly subscriptions that cost you NO OUT OF POCKET! UNHEARD OF!!Forced ReEntries to keep the program progressing.Built in PIF fundControlled cycling system for long term growthIts the residual income DREAM you have been waiting for. There is no other system out there that even compares.Pre-launched for pre-sales Wednesday May 4th 7 P.M. ESTPurchase your ad packages. Members section and program is still a work in progress but many functions are available.Be sure to read the "HOW IT WORKS PAGE"Live Conference calls to be announced starting week of May 9th.

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Adview4Cash is a one of a kind special hybrid programYou get paid daily, YES DAILYAND also you get paid on the matrix! Unlimited in come!!Huge income opportunity for you!!!Everyone Earns! Guarantee!!Your one Position will give you advertising credits for text and banner advertising. Your one Position costs only $10 each And is divided into two parts.Part 1 : this buys you one $5 unit in our daily earner program    Everyone Earns Without Sponsoring!    Everyone gets paid in less than 24 hours upon their upgrades!    Earn 7.5% daily on your daily earner for up to 20 days for a total of 150% return on your daily earner unit!Part 2 : And buys you one $5 position in The matrix.We offer attractive referral bonus for our promoters. We pay 10% referral bonus for 5 levels deep. total 50%    Matrix n x 5 ( unlimited X 5 levels deep ) no spillover    Earn 10% ($1) from every position under you. Paid to you immediately when has payment.You only need to purchase a minimum of only 1 advertising pack to begin earning!** advertising pack ( Position )So sign up now and begin to earn daily!

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Just Out very exciting new program that will make you enjoywhile you can advertise your ads and surfing .Join With a One Time Membership Fee of Only $10. Your Membership Includes Advertising packages  (2  DD supersolo and more advertising packages include 20 solo ads + more  )Tell a few friends to get things started, remember you only need two that can get two and you cycle.When You Cycle the Fast 2x2 Forced Matrix You Automatically Earn $25.00,When one of your Direct Referrals Cycles you Receive a $2.50 Pay OutVery easy referral system with spillovers and spillundersGrab your positions right now!

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Ready for a CHANGE?VertUX just opened for pre-launch.We built it for dedicated hard working people who strive to step up the ladder.Its a system, almost a machine. It works best if you do. If you dont, it will still work for you.And its open NOW!!Interested? Click the link.Join TODAY! - Enjoy SUCCESS! - Change your LIFE!

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Join NOW with what will definitely be the #1 Team!Wait until you see how good this is!!!NO SPONSORING REQUIRED. No Cost to Secure Your Spot...This will be huge, and there is no cost to lock in your spot now!Then only 10 bucks later if you decide to upgrade!To Our Mutual Success,Hendy Sutopo

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MKTopp Will Change Your Life Differently Today!If you seek for Passive income earnings ? Yes Right here , right now at MKTopp!* Earn Fast with Sponsor Bonus $5 for every person you recruit.* Earn while you sleep with System Line $5 (No Sponsor Required) & Matching Bonus $2* Earn Huge Sum of cash From $15 - $14,000 Over & Over Again...* Get FREE 10,000 Advertising Credits* More Feature and ToolsAll it takes is a onetime payment of $19 to get started.The Best Part, You Could Pay For Your Downline and purchase another Position!Join with Team Spirit and Get Fast Spillover, even not refer by you, you still couldupgrade them and put in your line.MkTopp specialize in helping the little guy make profiting-online a habit!Your Up Coming TeamTeamSpirit

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