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Tee, what her friends use to call her. We met on apsense, as she believes in building social relationship. There are very less people, who are in professional world then also they believe in building social connection. She is having an Internet Business that allows to teach others how to build their business network online and be stay at home.
 - shivam121 January 25th, 2012

O.K, I usually don't endorse a-lot of marketers, but Toshiba is a beast when it comes to providing valuable and highly relevant marketing techniques and strategies... My testimonial concerning Toshiba is that if you connect with her, you will awaken daily to effective ways to make money on-line, like I do every single day...(courtesy of her Facebook postings)... My FINAL word is that you connect with Toshiba Right Now... Toshiba is an highly effective on-line marketing consultant...
 - grgryosborne March 7th, 2011

Hi Toshiba thank you for getting back to me by email. I will email you soon. I am taking a look at your site right now, but I am already overloaded with programs. I will certainly keep you in mind. You sound like a very nice person and willing to help anyone that is willing to be helped. Barb :)
 - barb2birds February 1st, 2011

Just had a discussion with this young lady. I found her to be very professional and quite knowledgeable in what she does. I would highly recommend her based on what i know.
 - gkc2010 January 19th, 2011

I have known Toshiba for a short time. I like her a lot. She is dedicated, she gives quality information, in writing or video. I teased her by saying she could be the next Oprah. When I saw her videos about prospecting tips, I stopped laughing. Lord, I wish I could look that good on video. I'm not talking about the fact that she is pretty, else it would be shallow of me to mention that in this testimonial. No, what I want to say is, she's a natural. I can feel she loves doing videos giving great content. I saw some of her videos, it looked like she was in her kitchen. I wouldn't dare do that in that kind of setup. Toshiba ? She gives us her information, she sounds good, in 2 seconds we forget where she is and are glued to her words. Also, with Toshiba, we can discuss easily with her about APsense how-to's, she is not easily offended. IMO, Toshiba is a serious marketer, i.e. a person who thinks or her efforts as a long term business instead of a hobby. I'm very happy to know her. :)
 - phmoisan January 5th, 2011


Toshiba Burton
Memphis, United States
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