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Become a Dealer for FREE!!
Jul 7 2007 19:49
A UNIQUE WEB-BASED BUSINESS Rewriting the Rules of Distribution For years, the direct sales industry has marketed products directly to the consumer. Over time, the industry has gravitated towards high prices, high up-front charges and high monthly requirements. Our manufacturing company rewrites these rules.      Become a Dealer for free and you'll have:  No fees to pay or kits to buy...why should you be forced to pay to join any company?   True wholesale prices...why pay retail when you can buy wholesale?   100% of your money goes toward our A.C.T. drinks and other brands...why pay for "fluff and stuff."   No high monthly purchase requirements...why should you be forced to buy more than you need or can sell?   Our products produce real results...everyone will want what you have!   One of the highest re-order rates in the industry because of value and results...creating a true residual income for you!   Marketing Support   Business FAQs   Success Stories   What's Up?   Factory Tour BIG CHECKS With our web-based business you can earn Cash Rewards and have a real chance to earn part-time, full-time or life-changing's totally up to you!  By electing to be a Dealer you have the opportunity to share our incredible A.C.T. “Feel Good” drink with all of your friends and be a part of our worldwide web-based distribution movement.    Cool rewards! The world goes "round" on referral and recommendation. The difference here is we pay for your word of mouth advertisement!  Become a Dealer for free and participate in our unique revenue sharing program.  We have paid millions of dollars in Cash Rewards to people just like you who love our A.C.T. “Feel Good” drink.  And, as you earn Cash Rewards with us, watch your A.C.T. bonus points accumulate which can be redeemed for Rolex watches, Flat-screen TV's, Computers, I-Pods, X Boxes, trips to exotic locations and much, much more! You want to drive a brand new Mercedes on us? Well, we have that too!   Building distribution is the name of the game and we feel like we have the best referral distribution model in the world...and we want to reward you for all of your efforts!   We set aside a whopping 60% of revenue for our much do you want!  Cash Rewards calculated on ALL ORDERS, not on multi-levels...increasing your earning power!  NEW!  Triple Matching Check Bonuses...earn a % of all Team Building Cash Rewards paid to your Dealers Exclusive Silver Mentor Program...multiply your Triple Matching Bonus x 2...x 3...x 4 and beyond!  Exciting A.C.T. Point System...receive points as you earn Cash Rewards to get that Rolex!  Mercedes Benz Car Program...let us pay for it!  Incentive Bonuses, Bonus Pools, Recognition, Trips, Gifts, Prizes and much, much more!   A web-based distribution movement is an idea whose time has come.  This unique way of doing business is taking the home business industry by storm! Customers are getting tremendous value and Dealers are cashing in on the popularity and the effectiveness of A.C.T. and our exciting line of impact products that deliver immediate results!  We invite you to join us today!  

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