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SiliconMentor is a VLSI technology service company evolved to create a value in the field of semiconductor electronics and its associated domains that offers wide range of services in ASIC and FPGA verifications and Physical Design and Proprietary library design. SiliconMentor is the only VLSI entity that provides corporate and professional training in both domains of VLSI i.e. Frontend as well as Backend. It is state of art technology driven setup which includes highly skilled VLSI engineers in its workspace who always try to deliver the spearhead solutions to their clients. SiliconMentor incorporates over 30 research associates working on different research areas in VLSI such as Advance analog, RF and Mix-mode, Memory, Digital Design and Verification and MATLAB etc.


  • VLSI Projects
    Students can apply here for the assistance and furnish yourself for VLSI M.Tech projects in both the domains of VLSI i.e. Frontend VLSI as well as Backend VLSI and its related sub-domains like Advance
  • IEEE Projects
    IEEE topics are selected only if someone wants to do something innovative in the field of electronics and electrical. Students can redirect here for the help and support in their topic selection or fu
  • Mtech projects and PhD projects are done with an approach to research in core electronics domains such as VLSI, MATLAB, Antenna and Communication etc.
  • phd projects
    The IEEE PhD projects are intellectual challenging tasks in itself and when it comes to VLSI it becomes more and more complex for a student to start with his/her research project. The first and most p
  • Mtech projects for ece
    Students looking for guidance and supervision in their M.Techprojects are equipped with the proper tool training and directions in their research projects and other necessary tasks on their projects i
  • mtech. Vlsi projects
    Submit the form here to know about the VLSI projects and research projects in VLSI. We help the students in thesis preparation and provides IEEE papers for research projects.
  • VLSI training company
    We are the only entity in entire north India who assist and train the VLSI students in both the domains of VLSI i.e. Frontend as well as Backend. We believe in creating a brand from a scratch.SiliconM