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Steven Egu  is a dynamic Home Based Business Consultant leading others to discover their entrepreneurial opportunities. He is   dedicated to assisting his team of worldwide members to create extraordinary, fulfilled lives & paying it forward.  Steven is a   leader for online and offline entrepreneurs on their journey in business, mentoring and ensuring in their sustainable success.     He teaches current trends in the marketplace, foundational principles from the past & mastery of skills for an abundant and   purposeful future. Steven, is a network marketing success coach and teaches the simple strategies for network marketing   recruiting success. Downlines build fast with the right system! To learn more Click Here 

As a network marketer Steven Egu struggled with his so-called warm market, cold calls and rejection from worthless purchased leads. Then he discovered a breakthrough method for building his downline without picking up the phone and at the same time generating free fresh leads. He was able to generate leads from people who were actually interested in network marketing and building a business.

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Hi Steven Lanier you have accomplished a lot, Great Profile
 - pepeceas June 3rd, 2013

God bless you Steven. Continue to do what you do and bless others continuously as you go along. Take care friend.
 - ieashagrdn June 6th, 2012

Hi Steven Lanier you have accomplished a lot, Great Profile I Look Forward to Learning a lot from you and Networking with you. Meekin
 - 1youcantoo May 7th, 2010


Steven Egu
Florida, United States
A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile


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