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May I know Why You don`t wanna use AIOP Splash Builder and AR?
 - earnwithjan December 28th, 2014

Joe has lot of experience and a thorough professional
 - bhavarsingh April 3rd, 2012

Joe is a good friend a professional,honest and know a lot of information about online marketing and anything going on online or offline and believe in helping others. marvinwhiteheadjr
 - marvin60 March 4th, 2012

Joe has a lot of valuable experience to share and good ideas to apply them. We all need help at some time or other and Joe is a good friend to have when that time arises.
 - oldbuddy May 6th, 2011

Joe and I are in various programs together. He introduced me to Turbo Tycoon in November, 2010. Joe is a great mentor and truly works hard with his downline. Because of his integrity and character, we have developed an outstanding relationship as network marketers. If anyone ever asked me if Joe Griffith is the "real deal", I would respond, "Absolutely and without a doubt." Thank you Joe for all of your assistance.
 - ellerich February 10th, 2011