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A Greater Health - May 14th 2021 11:02

About our Business

At Joy to Live, we have created one the most prolific business opportunities in the industry. When you examine other companies closely, you will find that most have either a great marketing program with sub-par products or vice-versa. In most cases, only the top 4%- 6% marketers reach the highest level of the compensation plan, but how about the remaining 94% 96%? What incentive do they have? Well JTL took those factors into consideration and addressed them head on.

Our compensation plan is unlike any other in the Relationship Marketing industry. We have created a plan that is affordable for the average person to participate and receive a substantial unlimited income. For as low as $33.00 you can join our company, get a Free website with no monthly fees, a product to use, customer support, marketing materials and an opportunity potential to create financial freedom for you and your family.

Our unique 3 x 10 forced Matrix allows anyone to prosper even at the most basic levels. And as an EBO you can advance to the top of the pay plan by meeting the required Group Volume (GV) and maintaining just two (2) active legs in your organization.

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Sharon Johnson
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
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Additional Info.

Elite Marketing Alliance, Inc. (EMA) is a Relationship Marketing company that is focused on delivering high quality products to our customers. We understand that everyone has a desire to live a stress free, healthy, happy and joyous life, daily. Thus, Joy to Live (JTL) was born from that same spirit. http://funtoberich.com/shawlee54