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Mandura searched the world to find unique and powerful fruits that combine to provide the perfect nutritional balance. We have formulated Mandura? with four of the world's most nutrient-rich fruits from around the globe, capturing the essence of each in a preservative-free and highly-nutritionlal juice supplement. This special blend meets and exceeds the recommended daily values of numerous nutrients, meaning you can be assured Mandura? is working to help your body function at it's best. Compensation In relationship marketing, typically the representatives, distributors or members are simply assets to the company, and only a small percentage of those involved reap significant benefits for their hard work. At Mandura, we have specifically chosen the title Independent Business Owner (IBO) for those involved in selling our product. IBOs are not merely an asset to Mandura, they are why Mandura exists. We were determined to create a compensation plan that favors the success of the IBO. Mandura is the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix. With this revolutionary plan, once an individual enrolls as a Mandura IBO, any IBO that enrolls after them will fall into their organization, regardless of who personally sponsored the new IBO. At Mandura, we want you to understand where the commissions are going. By knowing this, you will have the best opportunity possible to become successful with this amazing product. The Mandura compensation plan has been designed to enable the IBO to have more income than expenses. How much? That is completely up to you! Our goal is to do our absolute best to prepare you to be successful. With the Mandura Straight Line Forced Matrix compensation plan, we have designed seven different ways for you to earn income and prosper in this exceptional opportunity.

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1. Retail Sales QV ( 50% ) Commission For every individual that signs up to purchase MANDURA as a retail customer, you as their enrolling IBO, will receive $20 for two cases, $10 for one case, $5 for two bottles and $2.50 for each bottle. All retail sales count as Qualifying Volume (QV), and there are no limits to the number of retail sales you can make. Also, as an IBO, you can purchase MANDURA at wholesale and personally sell it retail.