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Founded in 2000, the Phepet Financier Inc. is a group of leading private investors that provide long-term human and financial capital to help build successful companies worldwide. Our members, with many years of collective leadership experience provide the resources to ensure the success of our portfolio companies.
The Phepet Financier Inc. invests in early stage companies in a broad range of industries including, but not limited to technology, that have the potential to build sustainable and successful businesses. The Phepet Financier Inc. charges little fees for its services.

Entrepreneurial small businesses are major engines of job growth and key players in the commercialization of new technologies. However, most entrepreneurial ventures fail to achieve their goals. Among the most common reasons for such business failures are the inability to execute sound business plans and to access capital funding, particularly at critical early stages of a company's development.

Affiliated as Phepet Financier Inc., a profit entity, the organization offers early-stage companies the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of more than 100 experienced entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, and skilled professionals from a variety of industries and venture capital affiliates.

Approximately 250 companies from a broad range of industries are screened each year by Phepet Financier Inc. members and are provided with invaluable counsel, including insights into developing business and financing strategies that are achievable and fundable. Companies also benefit from the group's feedback and the opportunity to connect with individuals who may offer more specialized expertise and advice.

The organization's members provide up to $5 million in early-stage financing and seed money to emerging technology-based ventures. The group cooperates with other venture capital firms and angel investment groups to support companies that are raising between $5 to $20 million. Phepet Financier Inc. members invest individually and directly, with any legal pooling of financial resources. The corporate entity, Phepet Financier Inc. does not invest or act as an investment agent in any manner.

Phepet Financier Inc. investor members have provided significant early-stage capital to emerging companies in worldwide, including nearly $250 million to over 60 companies that have participated in and successfully passed the Phepet Financier Inc. screening process.

Phepet Financier Inc. charges little fees and provides its services to companies which it believes have a significant potential for success and the potential to benefit from an association with the organization.

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