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Vitalizer Series 100 Retrofit Fuel Saving Device
Apr 8 2008 11:13
VITALIZER for Automobiles

Here's What VITALIZER Customers Are Saying.....
"56% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions and 66% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions. Several of our vehicles had just previously failed the New Jersey State Inspection for emissions, and they passed immediately after The VITALIZER installation."
-Ronald Hutchinson, Bell Communications Research, Inc. Piscataway, NJ

"I believe The VITALIZER offers tremendous returns on investment in terms of greater fuel economy, and in reducing harmful emissions. Even the long term benefits of the device proved greater than I originally thought."
-Steve Adler, Sybron Chemical Co., Birmingham, NJ

"My own vehicle, a 1989 Ford Escort, had the unit installed and passed inspection, with a decrease in hydrocarbon emissions to zero."
-Kathy Sturgeon, Union Carbide Corp., Bound Brook, NJ

"My '85 Turbo Diesel Volvo use to emit an embarrassing cloud of black smoke when I punched the accelerator. Also, it was very hard to start in cold weather. Since I installed The VITALIZER, there's no black smoke, starts easy in the coldest weather and my gas mileage increased 22%! Anyone not using a Activator will pay for its cost many times over in lost fuel economy and performance benefits."
-D.E., South Dakota

The idea behind the Vitalizer depended uponan extensive program of research and development (approximately $5,000,000). It was first used for water treatment. Once the water treatment system was developed, based upon the idea of dissimilar metals. Further research developed the technology needed for the treatment of fossil fuels. In addition, around $250,000 was spent for independent testing and verification!


The VITALIZER operates on the same concept as an in-line fuel filter.


The VITALIZER will not interfere with the function of any electrical systems of the vehicle.


The VITALIZER works on gasoline engines.

Installation is easy taking approximately 20 minutes and can be performed by you or an auto mechanic.




This unit, when placed in operation, causes an interruption in the natural flow pattern of the fuel, activating an electrostatic charge within the fuel matrix and thus forming an electrostatic colloidal matrix.  When pumped into the engine's combustion chambers, this matrix 'insures more complete combustion of the fuel utilized.'

The swirling fuel molecules, upon striking the dissimilar metals of the core, become polarized.  Then, when the fuel is sent into the combustion chambers and evaporates, the electrostatically charged fuel molecules (now having the same polarity, tend to repel one another, causing them to be dispersed more thoroughly and evenly throughout each combustion chamber.  Consequently, when spark plugs fire, the more evenly dispersed fuel vapor burns far more completely and efficiently. This  natually produces grater downward force against the pistons, more power and greater fuel ecomomy.

The Vitalizer is a legitimate product whichI have had installed on my Dodge Dakota pickup for the past eightyears. After 330,000 miles (yes I said 330,000) the truck has neverneeded any engine work and still runs like new and gets about 20MPG,about 2MPG more than it got when it was brand new before I installed theVitalizer. 
Larry Kuttner


The Vitalizer has a 15 year warranty and never needs to be replaced.  There are no moving parts, nothing to replenish or adjst, and its alloy core consists of "non-sacrificial" metals, simply meaning they do not dissolve



NOTE: In (1995) EPA claimed that they had tested the Vitalizer III, and that the test was inconclusive. The unit they tested was a proto-type, totally different in design and manufacturing than the Vitalizer that has been successfully installed in over 500,000 vehicles. After several trips/meetings to the EPA laboratory in  Ann Arbor, Michigan, and to the EPA headquarters in Washington D.C., to this day we have not received a complete report that supports their findings of the Vitalizer III.



  • Lower engine maintenance cost
  • Cleaner spark plugs
  • Fewer tune up problems
  • Improved injector performance
  • No knocks from lower octane
  • Fewer oil changes



INSTALLATION:The customer may perform the quick and easy installation of the VITALIZER, in many cases less than 20 minutes.  HOWEVER, if the customer is not familiar with and/or competent in auto mechanics, it is preferred and recommended that a Certified Auto Technician perform the installation.





THE CLEAN AIR ACT:  The VITALIZER is the only retrofit device that has been proven to help meet environmental standards provided in the Clean Air Act.  This device will cut down on emissions and fuel consumption by allowing fuel to burn more completely within the engine's combustion chambers, thus releasing less emission into the air we breathe while reducing fossil fuel consumption.



VITALIZER - Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Does the VITALIZER need any maintenance?

No.  However, for the first few tanks of fuel you should check all connections to the VITALIZER to ensure there are no fuel leaks.

2. Will the VITALIZER affect the warranty on a new vehicle?

Absolutely not!  The VITALIZER operates on the same concept as an in-line fuel filter.

3. How soon should an "after" emissions test be done?

An "after" emissions test may be done immediately after the VITALIZER is installed.  However, the VITALIZER will immediately begin to push out the built up carbon in the motor and exhaust system, and in come cases, cause the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide readings to increase rather than decrease.  Give the VITALIZER a chance to clean the engine, 15% of present odometer reading is usually required to complete the cycle.

4.  Does the VITALIZER work on both gas and diesel engines?

Yes, the 5/16" and 3/8" VITALIZER units are designed for both types of engines and are effective on both fuel injected or carbureted systems.

5.  Since the VITALIZER causes a build up of charge in the fuel, is there a danger that the VITALIZER will produce stray voltages that will harm the computer control system of the engine in a newer vehicle?

The voltage caused by the electrostatic charging of fuel particles is exceedingly small compared to normal operating voltage of both the computer system and the ignition system of the vehicle.  The VITALIZER will not interfere with the function of any electrical systems of the vehicle.

6. Does the VITALIZER come with a warranty?

Yes, the VITALIZER has a 90-day money-back guarantee backed by a 15-year warranty.

7.  Is the VITALIZER easy to install?

Yes, installation is easy taking approximately 20 minutes and can be performed by you or an auto mechanic. 


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The Series 100 Vitalizer with fittings for a 3/8 inch fuel line. Price $189.99.

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The Series 100 Vitalizer with fittings for a 5/16 inch fuel line. Price $189.99.

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The Series 200 Vitalizer for Gas: 5.7-10 liter, Diesel: up to 5 liter (auto) up to 7 liter (truck). Price: $489.99

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The Series 300 Vitalizer for Diesel 7-16 liter. Price $1,299.99.

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