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My name is Ole, I am 45 years old. And I have bin working wiht Coaching for 10 years ! I live in Denmark. And I love to go to London to relax! I play golf in my spear time. I have 11,7 in HCP ! I live together wiht my beautyfull girlfreind and her to kids. And we have a great life!

I used to work as a Coach. And I belive that all people have the will and the power to have success in what ever they want to do in there life!  I startet working wiht Network marketing in 2003. And Today I do it full time.!

Lyoness saved my day!

I am a Proud Premium member of the Lyoness Shopping community!

We are one of the greatest Teams in Scandinavia and we are exspanding all over the world!

We have a goal!

We want to have SME partners all over the world. Where people can go and shop and get cash back every time!

Contact me if you like to hear how YOU can become a member of our Team

email - ole.teddy.petersen@gmail.com

Kind regards OleTeddy

Money Back With Every Purchase

Lyoness is an independent shopping community, established in 

the range of countries and sectors. The unique benefits for every members is that you get money back with every purchase made at one of the 20,000+ Lyoness loyalty partners.

The success and future of a company always starts with a unique idea, clear vision and the right philosophy!
Lyoness shopping community slogan is; 

Together We Are Strong!

Money Back With Every Purchase

Lyoness members go shopping and profit from this principle: they
receive money back with very purchase they make with loyalty
merchants (‘Cashback’ up to 2% of the purchase sum). Additionally,
Lyoness members support two foundations automatically with every
purchase made: the Child & Family Foundation (CFF) implements
aid and education projects and starting from autumn 2012, the
Greenfinity Foundation dedicates itself to climate and environment

Loyalty merchants also find themselves in a unique situation:
Lyoness members search actively for merchants where they can
benefit from the Lyoness member benefits. In this respect companies
do not need to search for customers anymore; now they are being
found. Loyalty merchants save money for expensive marketing and
therefore are able to provide Lyoness members with permanent

In accordance to the corporate philosophy: 
‘Shop together.     Benefit together.     Do good together’

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Ole and I have worked together since 2004. We are Partners in KB Gold Vision Team One.! Ole is a serious Team player. In KB Gold He is working to build the strongest Team in the world. We work together to reach that goal. We are working closw together wiht partners in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The USA and Austrailia. The UK and Ireland is soon to go into prelaunch And Scandinavia is doing the same thing. I have a good relationship to the founder of Team One in KB Gold. Arne Olesen
 - arne October 31st, 2010

Thanks Ole, for giving me the opportunity to join Linda. In your KB Gold Team One. We have alot of fun. And I like your Business concept. Success true Team work. I think we all are learning from each other! I know we will have great success in KB Gold. Great Weekend from Mette R.
 - metteras October 30th, 2010

I am happy to be a Business Partner of Ole in the KB Gold Vision Team One.! We have a great Team Work going on and we are working seriously to exspand our Team day by day! I know Ole fra DubliNetwork. And He is to a partner in Global Innovation Sales as I am! I hope to meet alot of great People in here on Apsense.! And who knows we might become Business partners one day? Knid Regards Jes P.
 - jesp4221 October 30th, 2010

I would like to Thank you Ole for giving me the opportunity wiht KB Gold. I cannot wait until KB Gold goes into the prelaunch in Scandinavia. We are all working hard to get to the point where we can make this our future income. I hope we one day can meet the hole Team in your downline. We are many who wants to meet wiht the people you allways talk about. Like Oddvar and Magnus and Ingvar. KB Gold is a great business opportunity and you are a great person to work wiht. Thanks Ole..! Kind Regards LindaP
 - lindahair October 20th, 2010

Ole is one of the most committed partners you can hope for. He is supportive to his downline and will do his utmost to help sort out any problems you may run into when joining his promoted opportunity.
 - ingvar October 15th, 2010


Ole Teddy Petersen
Sjaelland, Denmark
Someone who has made achievements with something to offer whether they are new ideas, experiences, products or services. View Profile

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Anyone can become a "Blue Card Holder" customer, get cash back with every purchases you make from a Lyoness Loyalty partners. It's free to become a customer and get your own cash back card. Just get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you! If you are a shop owner or a have an Internet Shop you can join as a Loyalty partner. We are about to sign up small and midsize Businesses as Loyalty partners in LYONESS. Let us tell you how., Contact us via the links in the top of website GisTeamKS are now building a strong Team in Scandinavia that is spreading all over the World. A Team of Premium members. just like us, who can see the glory of LYONESS. Our goal is to have 100.000 customers by the end of 2013. IF YOU want to hear how we will reach our goal. AND how YOU can participate and benefit from this fantastic opportunity. Send us an Email and we will get in touch with you: ole.teddy.petersen@gmail.com