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About our Business

HandyMen Nigeria is a home and office Cleaning and Maintenance Service Company that specializes in delivering bespoke and professional service.
As Maintenance Consultant, we provide you with a clean and hygienic environment through an impeccable service that keeps your mind at ease, whether at home or at work, ensuring you get the best out of life with your family and business.

Our services ensure that you worry less about your surroundings, and with a hygienic environment, stay ahead in life.

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150% Guaranteed
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Nov 17 2011 03:23

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Ndukwe Maduekwe
Lagos, Nigeria
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Additional Info.

MISSION: delivering be-spoke service and professionalism on the spot VISION: giving you a better living and working environment SERVICES: plumber work, fumigation, tiling, gardening, painting, flower beautification, electrical installation, painting, gardening, fumigating, furnishing, etc