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HOW make money USE MACHINE your phone respondent
Apr 1 2010 06:24
HOW make money USE MACHINE your phone respondent ( ANSWERING MACHINE )  By Mohdnor     You automatic phone respondent machine or answering machine can be used to make more money of other way in lifelong or your effort. Those people had no marketing skills in business had also been successful by method used this automatic phone respondent machine.    Shortly before a husband and wife which still those young derived from GOSSEL, KANSAS, USA have successfully used capital as much as three hundred dollar ( $300 ) to get profit more than 3 million dollar ( US$3,000,000 ) by market and sell relevant information ways increasing financial resource, whether in book form, guides and also reports .    They only use machine automatic phone respondent. This show that be easier and effective way to obtain money by just using equipment or particular substance. This couple also proved that if you: Having :-   1)         A good idea 2)         BELIEVE oneself TO REALIZE SOMETHING 3)         OWN STRONG MOTIVATION AND WILL TO ACT NOW 4)         If you PERSISTENT, you CAN SUCCEED!!   Potential Find Money Unlimited   Potential find money by use machine automatic phone respondent were unlimited. So how I can use machines my automatic phone respondent, and what should I sell ? A good question ! Possibility to get unlimited ! Many people have obtained money by selling information ? How To?..'' whether it in book form, guides, reports or reference material.   Topics adored including guide do chores at home. Guide are working with government. Make money by way be freelance writer. Make money either by your van or vehicle and others again.    However phone respondent machine may serve as advertisement catalyst to many different products and service. To sell insurance or property, housing loan, repair and home decoration, seminar and so on, any type of restaurant social service and 1001 other services offered.    How it function   Miscellany advertisement or cheap type advertisement be prepared inside daily and also weekly newspaper. You can make small and cheap advertisement in these newspapers by offering products or your service. You can give your phone number and reader can hear evidence on products or your service through ?message recorded' by you itself in answering machine your automatic telephone the. You can use script that you produce or write itself nicely and record will by using friendly and high quality voice. Record will your message is inside time 2-3 minutes. In that message you could ask reader do the thing as follows:    1)         Leave ( their name and address ) and make message use COD. 2)         Leave their name and full address to be provided much further free complete information .   Fourth way have made many tired people to do is by make an order use payment through credit card. Most entrepreneurs said it no that like clockwork. Lots of people do not like leave their credit card numbers to make payment without found seller. Best method is by order reader hear ?recording message' and continue to make message after hearing evidence that you record will.    They can continue to make message whether by making pay using postal money order, money order, Postal Order, Bank Draft, Telegram Money Order, Express Money Order, cheque or use COD (Cash On Delivery). If you offer goods or his service that price high such as property, insurance or marketing plan staggered you MLM almost its had to get phone number or caller address so that you may make follow-up action.    If you selling goods his price is low his valuable example around RM50 for example such as book, prize and others, you can method used COD this method mean caller will make message and they would just pay him when they accept message goods than postman or they can pay in post office.    Other payment mode may be made is by using postal money order / postal order / cheque. They can place orders by make payments method used or way like those mentioned above after they hear recording message on goodness and redundancy those products you want sell the.    It a easy and no doubt capable way function  will nicely and effective. To get much finer effect you may make variety sales style study and attempt through voice recording in your phone respondent machine. Only by using voice recording for 2-3 minutes only.   It can already produce handsome income. WHY THIS METHOD CAN SUCCEED? This is as most of the people dislike deal by post or correspondence usually will like more making phone calls only. This is truth and habit for group newspaper reader. So why on the other hand you do not want initial effort this immediately or doing its now ?.    Good, let me give you a few key steps that can you take to realisesi this method or idea :-   1)         Invent or get a product or service that can intriguing many people and had high demand. 2)         Write classification advertisement / advertisement mixture ( small ) to selling goods or service that you offer the. Record will sales letter or catalogue into phone respondent machine or answering machine you .   3)         Make your advertisement in his press that cost cheap. Give phone number that you use and has joined on to your phone respondent machine the. 4)         Your customer will see you in newspapers, then they would ring you, hear sales letter message or your catalogue, then they will make message. Short measures which would give you big money.   Good luck trying hope you managed to.   I would like to let you know about an online TV that I recently found. It has about 4000 live channels from around the world. Channels with Cartoons, Sport, Movies, Music, Football, and more. I already tried it and it?s the best. Go to the link below to learn more: best regards, Mohdnor   P.S.  APSense - Get Paid While Promoting Your Business! Check Out:

A company established and registered with the Companies Commissions of Malaysia
Feb 21 2010 09:53
Bioasli - A company established and registered with the Companies Commissions of Malaysia, operating in Sabak Bernam, a  district that still maintained and preserved its natural and green features. The operations of the office and factory are located approximately 100km from Kuala Lumpur city, the hub of the  economic activities of Malaysians and it is estimated to be 140km from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Sepang which is the main gateway to Malaysia. The same distance separates it from Port Klang, the main port of Malaysia. With the availability of an advance networks of communication the distance is not considered too far.Meanwhile the local environment that still maintained its agriculture based activities especially coconut makes it a very strategic location. The readily available raw material which is relatively cheap, cheap skill labor, while transportation to all parts of the Malaysia really contributed to healthy growth of whatever business that is currently undertaken. Equipped with the latest expertise, advance technologies as well as having close collaboration with the government agencies such as SMIDEC, FAMA, MARDI and others, we processed the local natural coconut to become a very beneficial product of a thousand uses. Not only health products, cosmetic based products and other products of daily use but it is also very effective to be used in the intimate relationship of husbands/wives The supply of coconut sourced from traditional plantations that still maintain the traditional method of management makes everything being preserved in its natural state that guarantees an amazing  quality in its potency. Meanwhile the virgin coconut oil produced from traditional coconut had been proven to be highly beneficial to mankind. This had been acknowledged by experts, through thousands of journals and researches by world well known doctorsWith its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-protozoal and anti-fungal characteristics, it is not surprising that it had been declared as a functional food by Dr. Mary G. Enig, Director of Nutritional Science Division Enig Associate, Inc USA. It is also been acknowledged by other scientists such as Dr. Bruce Fife (Dr naturopati-USA), Dr Joseph Mercola (Director, Total Health Program) and Dr AH Bambang Setiaji, Msc  (Dean, Faculty of Chemistry & Mathematics, University of Gadjah Mada , Indonesia.Further information click here

GUIDE taking care of body health
Feb 20 2010 00:20
By  Mohd Nor bioasli.   Pure Virgin 's Coconut Oil Habbatus Sauda (New)...Bio-Asli   Popular sinus disease among local community known too as inside sinusitis disease medical field. Di antara frequent symptoms happened of sufferer sinus are coughing, nose itch, frequent sneezing, weak and bad body. Nose will feel aqueous and clogged whereas body will feel fever. Hours of the morning sufferer will feel headache and will feel heavy in face piece. Sometimes it also give impact on throat, vocal cord and middle ear.      Between  sinus cause is due to bacterial infection on nose and cavities in connected facial bone to nose through very small channels called sinus.Complication which might arose from sinus disease is destitute usual flu, snoring chronic, deteriorating asthma state, infection in facial bone, chronic ill throat, brain infection, pus infection around eye area, infection in premier ear and tonsil nose child and allergy or sensitive nose.   According to Dr Amir Izwan Mohamed Dahan, Pakar ear, nose, and Hospital Pusrawi throat, Kuala Kumpur, if sinus ignored without treatment, it could result in indirect death due to complication in patient ' brain.   By sinus patient dealt by which good, intake virgin coconut oil whether Pure or Honey in nutrition can help body resistance on bacteria which attacked nose area and cavities inside facial bone or virus attack which originated from ordinary flu on nose and sinus inner layer.    From several certificate testemoni consumer which uses / paint virgin coconut oil in whole face piece and ear, beside practise drink its daily, found them no more suffer any recurring attack sign. And most exhilarating they are those no longer useful take medicament all this while be their monthly routine.   P.S.  APSense - Get Paid While Promoting Your Business! Check Out:  

Feb 20 2010 00:16
2/11/2010 9:17:36 PM. By Mohd Nor     Do you know that you can obtain big money by reciting miscellany advertisement or classification in daily? By making and doing right and right observation to that advertisements would make you more efficient on whom which wanted sell their goods like equipment, antique, car, house and anything.   And you will also meet whom which wanted buy goods like that. This handsome income secret is by using short advertisements that as an opportunity to seek out and discover between parties which wanted sold on to parties which want buy or otherwise.   His secret is by take action fast; and you must be prepared to communicate between buyer and seller before they alone met between one same other without help from you.   If you feel fun and happy to do the matter, it was one just effective opportunity. Work in this field as if get down to business as a private investigator.   But you work to seek scan (shadow) on what which people own, or what they want. Usually fairly complicated matter to be conducted in early stage because you do not have cognizance in the matter.   You must learn and training daily to venture this field. Fix in your mind that invariably you arrange agreement, you was constructing you own reputation as a expert on that matter.   Finally you will be having stable career by having all along customer inside market to get something goods or service. Profit that you achieve by arrange sales between that customer have possibly high and have possibly low, all depended kinds of stuff and service offered and needed. However even, it would give quick cash flow to you.   When they have known you, these people will find you first as main choice, to seek out goods or service they needed. Service that you offer will become short cut to process of time and it very effective for advertising such.   Make context (relationship) is major and important matter in the matter, and by knowing or know particular individual would facilitate you are dealing with second this party split. This will include money into your pocket with much faster.   wage for your effort the. Therefore, you would not be missed the boat getting paid when payment changed hands. You can jobbing first or receiving deposit payment (deposit). You must arrange all meeting business between seller and buyers, and you can already getting paid its. If you many walked away area, advertisement study classification even where you go away .     You perhaps will meet those items having large sales value in that area. If you never could arrange meeting between second party because great distance, you could say buy goods that with cheap price and sell its again with price which you can gain handsome. But it should in keeping with commodity prices whether it still well, quality or no. You can gross revenue very handsome with this way.     We know individual that had particularly successful use this method to he able high life and own Mercedes car from latest model (globe). Why do not try from now on. You can learn by small and it is not need capital because you simply need context and well talked and some money for own expense.      P.S.  APSense - Get Paid While Promoting Your Business! Check Out:  

Feb 20 2010 00:14
By Mohd Nor Business which can be conducted at home not necessarily can be done by everyone. You may conduct your business at home even though you are a children, old, men or woman. You can only succeed you having planning plan, idea, serious and commitments health. You also can succeed if get support of haves around you.   For example wifely or husband and children or parent and sibling which will give aid in form material and moral. They have to understand your career and always give support.    Most people actually very afraid to start something moreover if they has the employment salaried fixed previous. Failure shadow always play in mind and stupid they. To get you need to behave openly and confident on what which wanted you doing. You should also ensure that you truly confident and know on business which will you participate the and has you learn its.   Each new venture made you must be careful planning and make income statistic. Do not make early barriers as your effort killer. Already definitely you will find thousand and one as sign and action your clientele, this case used to happen because very impossible for us ful fil all their claim.    Experience and knowledge in fields which will you participate later also was one important thing which would be ?teacher' that are highly valued to you later. Exposure also vital for your business. Without making exposure and introduce your business meant no use-of the effort of you. Exposure intended was one so important task in your business, with other its word mentioned advertisement.    That is why successful dealer usually had appropriated most his budget for promotion purposes and advertisement only. They will tell and introduce their business widely once. Customer future of course inquisitive what which is underway and how they can contact you later.    Cheap way at making advertisement is by distribute pamphlets / flyer your complete business with address and phone number to facilitate them contact you. If you own other facilities such as this fax machine, computer and internet can add more your business capacity where you can operate business widely borderless.     Use all facility and relations technology have if you able to increase your business. Advertising in newspapers and magazine also is one of the ways to promote your business with pretty cheap cost. Business cards / business card so important. You may be contacted and contact customer variously, either directly, correspondence, telephone, fax, e-mail, internet and so on.      Business that can you participate unlimited his number and you can choose variety which category be. Lots of people that started business had no experience enough, on the other hand they developed and expanding through physical and mental powerful ones and capital in form cash.    Easier marketing would help increase your business with much faster. Either easy marketing way, fast and popular and no needing skill high is by method used mail order or menggunanakan transaction method post. Hereunder listed part of way to carry out business from table eaten in you.    Business consultant                   Bookkeeping service company (account) Secretarial service Service recycle (recycling) Clipping service Collection service Fax service Make a promotion Photographer Catering Treat flower / crop Information brokers Securities data Data enter Computer software consultant Computer teacher Deejay by contract Promoter sales Print broker Property broker Vehicle broker Cleaning apartment Interior decoration / modify house Auctioning agent / sales Draw billboard Announcer Mend the pipe Repair electrical appliances Type Sewing Compose flower Art dress Teach tuition Cooking teacher Sell dish hook down Sell breakfast Let all kinds of flowers Let videotape Photography teacher Sewing teacher Embroidery teacher / knitting Teacher musical Hairdressing Service answering telephone Self quality seminar Repair car Fix the motorcycle / bicycle discussion finance Let room Marriage consultant Take wedding picture and family Let vehicle Find antique items Sales by party at home Sell via telephone Far distance phone service Tourism consultant Deliver goods Make cop rubber Print t shirt Furniture making Make craft goods Make a cake muih Making biscuits and pastry Draw Make graphic Repair jeans and clothes Make and sell women's accessory Make and sell button, badge Sell gift Make wooden fence Sell pet fish Draw house plan / building Write books Writing novels Write newsletter / newsletter     P.S.  APSense - Get Paid While Promoting Your Business! Check Out:

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