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Women are amazing to watch in all eyes for some special prospection. They are different in their life style. They are also different in care of their body than men. Though they perform a hard works, they do not lose their natural amazing face beauty. This is obvious that we are going to discuss about the skin & its care. The woman, who is reading my writing, I think they will be benefited in their practical life increasing the beauty of them. I will try the best to draw a clear line about the skin’s protection for presenting her as the most beautiful in their surroundings. Skin is the most precious physical part of women body to present her as the most beautiful. Beauty hides behinds its out looking presentation. But one will be successful presentation her to any one when she is the owner of an attractive body or face skin. Only fresh skin can attract any one to them to draw a deep attraction. Skin will remind to make a good figure to add the extra beauty on your whole body. Suppose a woman is an owner of well body, but has no fresh skin. So, she will be failure to build a favorable environment on her body language. Body language will reflect the curiosity on people when she will have the fresh that means attractive skin. Now I am writing about the common ideas of skin.


The woman and man skin is that the outer covering of the body. In woman and man, it’s the most important organ of the system. The skin has multiple layers of ectodermic tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Human skin is analogous thereto of most different mammals, except that it’s not protected by a pelt. Though nearly all human skin is roofed with hair follicles, it will seem bald. There are two general styles of skin, bushy and hairless skin. The adjective connective tissue virtually suggests that of the skin (from Latin connective tissue, skin).

Because it interfaces with the surroundings, skin plays a key role in protective the body against pathogens and excessive water loss. Its different functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, synthesis of calciferol, and also the protection of vitamin B complex foliates. Severely broken skin can try and heal by forming connective tissue. This is often this can be} often stained and de pigmented. In humans, skin pigmentation varies among populations, and skin sort will vary from dry to oily. Such skin selection provides an expensive and various surround for microorganism that range roughly at one thousand species from nineteen phyla. This is the way to enlarge the details organs theorem of skin.’


                                                   Figured by: SM. MOHABBOT HASAN

Thus in the markings of skin- organs formation controls our skin resolution. Skin can add the extra beauty of our out looking.

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HOME BLOG WOMEN HEALTH EXERCISE BEAUTY LIFE SKIN EXERCISE Women are the beauty of this world. They have to be most beautiful and smart to decorate this world as the source of beauty. “Exercise” is a little try to show every woman in this world how can one keep her body fit and smart. Well bodied means exercises which are important for building a good and attractive. “Exercise” is a part for being attractive, amazing, cute and smart woman in our continuous world. Woman is exceptional creature to all for their cuteness and smartness. To gain all the characteristics every woman in this world has to be sincere about this subject of “Exercise”. “Health is wealth” is acknowledged by all. Wealth has to be protected to save one’s position at any rate. On that way one can easily be succeeded more saving her wealth day by day. Health is the most important part of our life. When our health becomes sick, we can realize its usefulness. When we are disturbed in our normal life for this fat or outsmart health, we try to find out the exact solution. No problem, we are here for you to describe about “Exercise”. We are offering a lot of tricks and tracks for leading a sound life. On this way we are going to discuss about” EXERCISE”. Exercise is important for keeping our body slim and smart. We have to maintain some definite and accurate ways which are flexible for our body. There are some women, who try to follow the difficult exercise at first time. But it is harmful her body she does not mean. After some days she faces a lot of physical problem. Yes, this is right that you can take hard exercise. But you have to follow this step by step. Every exercise is need for being well bodied. We have t control our bodies for getting relax because this is the result for observing “EXERCISE”. For that we have to follow an accurate rule to make our exercise habit easy and flexible so that it can be a source of getting a lot of fun. It can be also a source of fun. Entertainment does not bind any rules with its property. So, when you will able to make your exercises entertaining you will be an owner of well bodied woman. Women has a lot of patients to maintain any rules, they are exceptional creature in this world. Woman can do anything for her entertainment I know that. Every woman should try to increase their out looking like making well and attractive body. Every woman in this world is trying to develop her as smart, cute, exceptional, and attractive. What do we mean by smart? Smartness is a subject of moving and presenting something special to anyone. Woman has some special characteristics to present this. For that every woman in this world needs a well bodied formation. Cuteness is important for a woman to present her as different. Only good face does not mean cuteness. To fill up 100% cuteness every woman should be well bodied. To be well bodied every woman has to take exercise in right way. There many ways of taking exercise. Some are hard and some are soft. Women may be a member of gym club. Without being a member of a gym club one can easily take exercises at home. For that our programmed is “EXERCISE”. WE can take our exercises with equipment and without equipment. Moving is a good exercises for women’s softy body. The weather of the morning is so fresh that it refreshes our mind. So it need for us for being owner of well bodied. I am trying to develop my “EXERCISE” subject to review everything clearly. For that I spoke with some fitness specialist for helping every woman in this world who is with us. I love woman for their beauty and kindness habit for the men. At first take my hearty greetings with some roses. Morning walk As creation we have to move from one place to another. But it may a benefited issue for us. Now I am going to discuss about walking absolutely about morning walking. Morning walk is need for all aged woman. Because, morning is that type of time when the environment presents a fresh weather. Morning is awesome with its fantastic figure. Everything looks beautiful at the time of morning. Now I am going to discuss whole things step by step. Exercise for Women: Squats Why they are effective: Squats are the go-to move for everybody WHO strength trains as a result of they interact additional muscles than the other move. Squats work the thighs (quads, hamstrings, outer thighs), glutes, and core (abdominals and therefore the muscles that support your spine). you do not want any instrumentation to perform squats, however perpetually have the choice of adding dumbbells and/or a stability ball to feature challenge. Perform 1-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions. it’s for helpful for all girl. Starting Position Stand together with your feet wider than shoulder dimension apart and your toes slightly turned outward. Action INHALE: together with your abs force in tight and your weight in your heels, slowly lower by bending at the knees and slightly from the hips. Keep your back as upright as doable (don’t lean forward from the waist). EXHALE: Straighten legs and are available up to the beginning position to complete one rep. Special directions Make sure your knees don’t cross the plane of your toes. attempt to lower till your thighs area unit parallel to the ground. If you have got problem acting this exercise you’ll be able to conjointly use a chair or wall to assist with balance and therefore the movement till you build enough strength. Keep your heart simple in anyway. Exercise for Women: One-Arm Dumbbell Rows Why they {are} effective: Did you recognize that the simplest thanks to look longer and throw is to enhance your posture? Rounded shoulders area unit common among girls once the burden of the breasts pulls the shoulders forward and higher back muscles are weak. the general public solely train what they fancy to be a “problem” or what they’ll see within the mirror (muscles on the front of the body. however strengthening your back muscles, notably the lats (which provide your back its “V” shape), will facilitate improve posture. This exercise conjointly targets many different muscles at once: the striated muscle, shoulders, and different back muscles (traps and rhomboids), which can facilitate improve your overall higher body strength. Aim for 2-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Starting Position Grasp one dumbbell in your hand, palm facing the body. success together with your left leg as if you were aiming to lunge. Bend the left knee and straighten your right leg back. Rest your left elbow your forward (left) leg. attempt to produce a flat back. Keep higher body steady with the abs force in tight. Please avoid tight garment or underwire. Action INHALE: With the correct palm facing the body, “row” the dumbbell up as high as doable (towards the armpit) because the elbow points backwards. EXHALE: Slowly lower dumbbell backpedal till arm is straight, however elbow doesn’t lock, to complete one rep. end one set and switch sides. Special directions Keep your spine in an exceedingly neutral position. whereas lifting specialise in the muscles within the back, visualizing your bone moving towards the spine, and coming out as you unharness the burden down. Take breath simply. Exercise for Women: Bicycle Crunches Why they are effective: There has been plenty of analysis on the effectiveness of varied abdominal exercises. Most consultants agree that whereas crunches area unit sensible, adding some easy components will build them even higher. that is wherever the bicycle crunch comes in. supported electromagnetic tests of muscle activation, the bicycle crunch is one in every of the foremost effective core exercises there’s, operating the abs, obliques, and hips. you will wish to lie on a mat, however no instrumentation is important. Aim for 2-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Starting Position Begin by lying on your back together with your knees bent, in line with the hips. Place hands behind your head and neck for support. Pull the military service in towards the spine throughout this movement. Action Bend your left knee in towards your chest whereas you crunch up and twist, delivery your right elbow towards the knee. while not resting, lower the left leg backpedal to the ground because the right knee comes in, twisting to the alternative facet to bring your left elbow towards your right knee to complete one rep. Repeat unendingly till you complete one set. Special directions Breathe steady throughout this exercise. Get Results! Remember that there’s no such factor as “spot-training.” whereas these exercise can facilitate strengthen and tone the muscles that they aim, solely vas exercise can burn the layer of fat that covers those toned muscles within the initial place. do that program 2-3 times per week, resting a minimum of sooner or later in between every strength travail, together with a moderate cardio program (30 minutes every day, 3-4 days per week). you may notice you may feel stronger, stand taller and appearance higher in as very little as 3 weeks! Please inform North American country concerning your progress. Gym instrumentation is additionally useful for making physiological condition. Here i would like to convey eleven necessary exercises with gymnasium materials. simply assume it’s thus beneficent for building a tremendous body. assume you wish a gymnasium to urge a decent travail? assume again! i am here to point out you ways to workout reception with the bathing suit Model Program! In home we tend to area unit free from any varieties of obstacles. thus you’ll be able to relish your body building performance in your home. In lightweight of this economic standing, place of business and gymnasium memberships, that were once thought of a monthly, budgeted-in expense, have currently become associate unendurable value for girls everywhere the state. With several currently choosing a stay-at-home life-style, “cocooning” has become associate progressively engaging possibility. Smart girls everyplace look their brightest and most good by remodeling their bodies to possess the female horny and slender womanlike tone and flat-pack abs of a bathing suit model, all by implementing an easy exercise plan that has been designed to be done reception with solely five items of travail equipment! Click To Enlarge. I’m here to point out you ways to travail at home with the bathing suit Model Program. I had the howling chance to author this wonderful program with fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee. This innovative on-line program is intended to be tired the comfort of your house and is complete with exercises, recipes and wonder secrets. Here area unit simply a number of of the at-home exercises that you simply will do to chisel your thanks to a bathing suit model body of your own!