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SEO Workgroup is the IT arm of Workgroup Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are a professional and affordable SEO service provider company; excelling in the field of Website design, Web development, & Social Media Marketing. Our clients in India and across the globe rate us as an excellent and professional seo company for the web solution services we provided them.

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Manish and I are having somewhat same name and same likes. He is in internet marketing field and i am in market research. He helps me out in internet marketing work and i help him in market research. He is a owner of an SEO company and a having all those features that a good leader can have.
 - maneesh75 January 16th, 2012

Manish Goyal, as I have known him is a good leader and a successful manager but most important part of him is that he knows which task should be handled in how it should be handled. I have worked under him and I know what he is capable of. Most of all he is a good human being.
 - shivam121 January 2nd, 2012