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I am an independent distributor for Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems. I have been with Multi-pure for a year. Multi-pure, in my book, has become the premier manufacture of high quality drinking water systems. Their solid carbon block filters help reduce a wide range of contaminants. 

On top of being my own boss I am also about helping others build their own online money machine. With the economy in shambles more and more people are looking to the internet to make money but if they don't understand how the internet works they will get lost. Although I do like to make money, I believe in helping others find solutions to their own problems. I have been marketing online since 2002 and have a lot of secrets to share. If I don't know how to complete a task I can guarantee you that I will find the solution.

If you're willing to listen I am willing to show you. Join my group of business builders and learn how we help each other drive traffic to our businesses. How Can You Earn an Income On the Internet? See you in the group!!

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I recently met Lonnie online and I was impressed with how he hit the ground running. Too many people I work with think this stuff will fall in your lap, but Lonnie is very much aware it's based on action and he is doing his part. Keep up the good work buddy!
 - oldbuddy July 4th, 2011

Not only is Lonnie talented at what he does, he is a super nice guy. Anyone looking to learn about network marketing, should really pay attention to what Lonnie says...
 - clintwhite December 29th, 2010

I recently started working with Lonnie. He has been a great help! It is a pleasure to do business and just chat with him! He too, has some really good IM business tools and ideas! Glad to have him as a friend! I look forward to sharing more marketing ideas! Team Work Makes the Dream Work!
 - kats December 3rd, 2010

Social networking is a team effort. Thats what Lonnie brings to any networking relationship he gets imvloved. Lonnie Niver embodies the concept of netoworking and goes the extra mile to ensure those in his network are as successful as he is. If you are lucky to network with Lonnie, you will at once know that not only is he an excellant coach and networker, but also a good friend.
 - gilbertocintron November 18th, 2010

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