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Where else can you get that much free traffic in just 24 hours without lifting a finger, without even trying! And that's just from one Stage. Imagine in a few weeks when I have hundreds!"No imagining necessary. We have thousands of members with hundreds or thousands of Stages already and we see exactly what is going on. They are getting insane amounts of free traffic every day and it's converting to leads, enrolled prospects, upgrades and/or product sales like clockwork.In fact, as a result of all these Stages flooding the web our members are getting so much traffic that our traffic ranking and stats are climbing on a daily basis. And that only means one delivers on it's promise to anyone who uses the system. On another note, yesterday we went live with some helpful statistics for StageBot users that tell you how many Stages the Bot will create for you this month, and how many have been created so far. It also keeps tabs on a daily basis, letting you know how many Stages have been created for you today and how many are still in the queue to be created today.So what's on the Staged horizon? LOTS of good stuff...The most time consuming part of making a Stage is finding a video over at Youtube. Agree? So how would you like to be able to sit right in the Members site and push a button that displays suggested videos you can use... even by categories you prefer! That functionality is coming!!For our StageBot users - Have you ever wished the Bot would would only make you Stages related to a specific topic or category so they'd better relate to the theme of your ads? That feature is on the way!For our non-StageBot users - Have you ever thought how cool it would be if the moment you finished making a Stage, it would automatically get posted to social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Friendfeed etc? Well get this... that feature will be live any minute! Seriously, this should be live today!! Things are really getting fired up here at Over 110,000 Stages have now been posted online, our International membership is blowing through the roof, and we are getting flooded daily with testimonials from real people just like you who absolutely cannot believe the success has brought to their online businesses, including their Staged business!No hype... no illusions... LOTS of results!To your success!

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