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All About Internet Marketing Tools,  Online Business, Entrepreneurs in Action News online.

These actions of my ups and downs in the world of online marketing for a market that every day thousands of people.

This site is designed to raise awareness of new trends in internet business, how to make money online, marketing  and expert opinion, online millionaires thanks to the internet, blog affiliate marketing, business and investment and everything to money online ...

My name is Bogi and I want to share my knowledge and expertise of others to others so they too can learn and grow, I enjoy  networking and connectivity, doing business online since 2 years, young entrepreneur of 25 years and very dedicated to the family.

Currently, I am the author in this blog, marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, author, and a great fan of everything related to this online world.
Philosophy and business model, is my constant concern.
Skills To Achieve Make Money Online .

Small changes can equal big revenue. Once a traffic base and revenue is built, do not be afraid to experiment with the site.
Once the traffic is there, small changes in the design and structure can make large changes in income. placing ads, periodical subscriptions and affiliate marketing can add value to a site without altering the basis of income. control of the daily income, even hourly, to see how changes have affected revenues. If not, you can always return to the way it was.
Bogi S.

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