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Who Am I?

My name is Keyanna and I知 the CEO, owner and creator of SuccessSince1987.com. I知 a 24 year old Temple University college graduate with a BA in Biological Anthropology. I知 currently working full-time for a hospital and I知 planning on enrolling into grad school for my MA in Behavioral Analysis.  I知 a part time blogger who one day hopes to be a full-time work from home blogger. I enjoy blogging, all things associated with social media and making money online, on Twitter and on my iPhone & iPad.

Where Did the name Success Since 1987 come from?

I thought of a lot of website names since September 2012. I decided to come up with something that was unique and most importantly easy to remember. Success Since 1987 is one that really stood out for me. I wanted the word 都uccess to be in my domain because that痴 what I致e been experiencing since joining the programs that I have blogged about. 鉄ince 1987? is also important because that痴 the year that I was born. I wanted to blog about programs since 1987 that have rewarded everyday people for using and promoting their websites.

How Did I Start Blogging?

One reason that I love blogging is that it helps you to express your thoughts in a creative way. You can share your experiences and advice with people all over the world with your blog site. You can connect with people just like you. It痴 sort of like a mentor system.

I began taking surveys online in 2004 when I was 16 and it was very rewarding. $10 and $30 checks from various survey sites began to accumulate through out the months and years. I then started signing up for GPT 敵et Paid To sites, PTC 撤aid To Click sites and other rewarding programs. The list of sites that I was a member of grew from 10 to 30 and then to 50 and up. It started to become quite overwhelming and I couldn稚 keep track of them. Some of the programs deleted my earnings and account if I didn稚 log in every 30-60 days. After this happened to me several times,  I decided to create a Blogger account to list them all. Both of my blogger account were deleted by blogger late last year and early this year,  which is another reason why I wanted to own my own website. Since then, I致e been blogging and making money inconsistently until now.

Here are the free blogs that I manage(d) in 2012:

  1. Get Online Success Weebly Blog
  2. Success Since 1987 WordPress Blog

How Much Have I Earned & Won Online, on Twitter & on Mobile apps?

Since I started using online programs to make money, I have made over $2500 in paypal cash and checks. I recently withdrew $2000 from my Paypal account and transferred it to my savings account, which was money that I致e been saving since 2009. I have also earned over $300 in Amazon gift cards. I have won an iPod Nano, iPhone cases, tickets to the Philadelphia Bull Rally, a Jackpot on an online sweepstakes drawing and much more. I also receive free stuff aka 吐reebies in the mail when I sign up for them.

How Much Did It Costs to Make SuccessSince1987.com?

It costs me $107.30 to create this website and to keep it running on a yearly basis. It was $95.52 for web hosting from HostGator.com and $11.78 for my domain from Namecheap.com. Initially, I was going to pay for someone to design my website but I had second thoughts about giving some random person access to my personal information and my ideas. I decided to build my website on my own. I researched how to add plug-ins, make banners and other helpful tips from sites like RealWaysToMakeMoneyOnline.com, BloggingWithAmy.com & WorkAtHomeNoScams.com.

SuccessSince1987.com痴 Mission Statement

This site was created on October 26, 2012 and has launched on October 27, 2012. The purpose of SuccessSince1987.com is to share my experiences with the world so that they would see 100% free & legit ways to earn money and rewards. SuccessSince1987.comoffers nothing but free information on how to become successful and make money online, on Twitter and on mobile devices.

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