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I have put out a new book - "Free Internet Resources for Newbies" - which is essentially a compilation of the best FREE Resources, Tools, Techniques and References.


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Mohann Krish

Free Internet Resources

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I knew mohann,few weeks ago and discovered his talents in page design to others numerous talents. He is a simple man,ready to teach, we have interacted in so many ways, any serious member who want to learn page design will find mohann helfpful.
 - nordichuks June 12th, 2011

As one of the newer members of the APSense family I have found that I look to others to show me how to best make use of all the features of the site in a way that will enhance my business. Mohann Krish has been a fantastic source of information and practical learning for me and I am very appreciative of his efforts to assist fellow APSense members. I am also impressed with his professionalism and his respect for others. Thank you Mohann for setting the bar high for other members to follow.
 - jgcdistributing May 31st, 2011

I have seen serious members at APSense. A good number of them are successful in online marketing. But Mohann is the first member I see in a long time who's dedicated to help other members use APSense features more efficiently. He showed me how to create colorful RevPages using simple HTML commands. Also, he writes awesome, thoughtful articles. Not one paragraph written in a hurry. No, really good, informative, honest information. He won't try to appeal to you with false promises. He writes about his own experiences, and it is beneficial to all of us. I invite everyone to get to know him better. I'm very happy to have him among my good friends at APSense.
 - phmoisan May 27th, 2011

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