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My primary business at the moment is SFI and Add2it. SFI has been around for over 10 years, helping people make money online. THERE IS NO, NOR WILL THERE EVER BE, ANY COST INVOLVED TO JOIN!I'm sure we have all seen these 'free' businesses, but then on joining, there is some catch - earn more as an upgraded member, etc. There is no upgrade option at SFI! What I like is that training is provided, and earning more points puts you in a higher earning bracket. The online store, Triple Clicks has everything and anything, from antiques to ebooks and cleaning products, so you can shop from your own store instead of at someone else's. Add2it markets software aimed at online marketers looking for an 'edge' over other marketers. The owner is Frank Bauer - who doesn't know him, and his reputation is great- I know, I googled him! So you know his products are not junk - if it was, it would soon go around! The commission is pretty darned good too! (So are the prices!)

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Karen is a well-educated hard working woman that is dedicated to her family and making the world a better place.
 - kruz75 October 18th, 2010


Karen Kruger
Petersfield, South Africa
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile


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