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James Parker
Blackpool, United Kingdom
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile
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Additional Info.

Hi my name is James Parker I am 44 and I live with my partner Emma in Blackpool England, I like watching TV I am really into God and I love using my computer, which is what I am doing now I think if you are good with something you should do it often that's why I am on line every day for most of the day, I get a lot of satisfaction out of my computer. My web site is mainly for advertising my other business which include SFI and GDI as well as Google to name but a few of the sites I have registered with since being on line. These days it is the way to go for society I belive that the internet has opened up the world to the ordinary man if you can call man ordinary these days there are some very famous ordinary men that have been given a great deal of recognition just because they are good with computers I am good with computers I am also very good with words they just seam to flow out of me in to my computer and I love using a word processor you don't have to be able to spell very good