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Jul 31 2007 22:29
The Difficult We Do At Once, The Impossible Takes a Little Longer. Here is the Impossible thing made Possible. What would you rather have, some quick cash, or something to bequeath to your children and they to  their children? I'm 71 in September and my daughter is 17 in February. Obviously my choice is much easier than yours. You will not believe it is possible at first look. The first look is going to cost you $5.00 anyway, just to keep out the curious. The product has a value of $25 to $47.00 It's yours for $5.00 because we want you to take a long serious look at what is under the Tip of the Iceberg. That will already eliminate the majority who are reading this. Now that may just leave you and I  here.  That's fine by me I only need to find one good partner a month and help that person  find one good partner, or two. And that is all that is necessary.  Me finding you and me helping you find one or two and you doing the same. No rush. It's like doubling a penny every day.  First days not much result. You remember that one! 1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and that's only 7 days. If you ask me Apsense was made just for this. A place for me to find you and you to look and decide and then you and me looking for others to look and decide.  Anyway that's what I'm doing with my Apsense.  And that is what I'm doing with this Business Center Apsense has given me. James Phillips

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