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May 22 2011 13:31

At HookUp Cellular we work with iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch and Android Smartphone cellular service as well as repairs and refurbishment. We have serviced 5000+ iPhones! Chances are pretty good that we can improve your device's security and performance. Here are a few examples of what we have to offer.

Apple is constantly upgrading its security protocol for iPhone and iPad devices, the most current is in the form of SHSH blobs. These are computer generated images created and authorized by Apple enabling them to stop devices from downgrading. We reroute these and back them up on outside hosts. These files are incredibly important when downgrading 3G, 3Gs and 4G firmware. Without them an update may brick your device that it may or may not be able to recover from. Apple isnt very quick at addressing customer concerns, ask anybody who updated a 3G to iOS 4 how there phone is doing (indexing issue, we can fix that) Without SHSH blobs you may get stuck on a firmware that significantly reduces performance. We ensure that your blobs will be saved on the Cydia server as well as in our database should the unfortunate occur.

Open SSH is installed with every iPhone jailbreak. It is a good thing, however when left as the default password "alpine" anybody with a diligent enough mind can access your phone from their computer. That includes email, contacts, pictures, credit card information, etc.... We fix that for you.

The recent unveiling of the .PDF exploit ( leaves your phone susceptible to a new type of virus that developers say WILL hit these devices very soon. We have a patch to protect you from this.

3G iPhones running on iOS 4 are very very slow. This is caused by indexing, multi tasking, and excessive "theme" modding. We can fix that AND you still get the benifit of the new folders and multi-tasking of iOS 4 (its pretty cool)

We can also be very helpful with hardware issues such as lost network or wifi, broken glass lcd or digitizer, unlock, activation, and touch screen replacement. We will also pay cash for broken iPhone, PS3 and Wii Products.

Oh and one last thing...

4G Nationwide Cellular Plans with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for only $60 a month!! No credit checks, no contracts, no BS. Do Tmobile and AT&T really deserve the outrageous charges they get away with?

All that being said, my name is Jj and I work @..

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