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About our Business

Prepaid cellphone coverage in the past was always somewhat socially taboo...  You always had to worry about where you could pay your bill and what kinds of coverage your cutrate plan would provide you.  Let me tell you people, thanks have changed!  We found a few companies that offer nationwide cellphone coverage on networks that are the exact same size as the big boys and at a fraction of the price! Curious? 480-331-8598

We also offer experienced Smartphone and Tablet PC repair with specializations in iOS and Android Software and Hardware Device Refurbishment.  We have a large selection of parts in stock for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, HD2, HD7, Nexus One and many more!

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May 22 2011 13:31

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Pageplus Prepaid CDMA Solutions
May 22 2011 12:58

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Simple Mobile Unlimited NAtionwide 4G Coverage
May 22 2011 12:53

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I only known J J for a short time I believe he is a trustful and honest young man that delivery on his prepaid phone service and will follow on his contacts and coworkers.JJ I am glad to have you as a friend and on my team,God Bless much success to you and you business.. marvinwhiteheadjr
 - marvin60 May 22nd, 2011