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Exciting News / Just Had to Share / READ NOW

Dear Visitor,

I found it!

As you may or may not know, I have been looking for an opportunity to work from home
for quite some time.? You know all the reasons:? no commute, more time with family,
be my own boss, unlimited financial opportunity, yada-yada. I have spent hours and
hours shopping around on the Internet, doing my “due diligence” as they say to try
to find someone who could mentor me in this new venture. I’ve got to tell you, it’s
a scary place out there if you do not know what you are doing!

I think I have looked at a hundred opportunities – but most of them wanted a truck
load of money upfront and they just seemed way to risky for me. I may be impulsive,
but I’m not stupid.?

About the time I was ready to give up and face the fact that my dream of working
from home may not be a possibility, I was invited to join a TEAM called the Vortex
Marketing Group. The cost to join is $389 – BUT – and it’s a BIG BUT – they gave me
a benefactor voucher to join for FREE.
So hey…nothing to lose – so I decided to check them out!

Thank you Friend for a light at the end of the tunnel!

In just the few days I have been on board with them I have learned so much. The key
to being successful in any type of marketing is having a large clientele, list,
TEAM, group to market to. That is what they are all about. They are empowering me
to build my clientele and even opening doors for me in regard to products to market.

Here’s the really cool thing. The President/CEO, Joel Sauceda, is working with me
to make this happen.?

Can you believe that!?

How often does that happen!?

I’d love to hook you up with him.?
He’s from the trenches, as he says, he’s gone from being a C- student to being CEO.?
He’s got a great story – and he’s a great guy.

I am so excited about the possibilities that are in front of me now. Of course I am
still working full-time at my regular job for now, but I can do what I need to do
online in about 30 minutes a day. I can’t believe that in the coming days/weeks I
will be making more in my 30 minutes at home than I do in 8 hours a day at the office.

When my commissions exceed my salary – I’m out of there!

Anyway – that’s my exciting news. I’m already dreaming of sipping fruity drinks out
of a coconut on some exotic beach while my TEAM is generating my livelihood and
retirement for me.?

What a life!

If you would like to take a sneak peek at what I found, they gave me 4 benefactor
vouchers that I could give out. Since we’ve been hooked up together for awhile now,
?you came to mind. I’ll include one here for you. Just take a few minutes – go to
this link – enter the voucher code exactly as I’ve posted it below – and then you
will be on the inside to see what I see.?

Hey – no strings attached.?

Go to:? www.vortexmarketinggroup.com/activate

Enter this voucher code where asked: VMS-D727996

Better go.?
I want to be sure to get my 30 minutes in again today. This is just too awesome.

I’ll catch you later,

Reggie Engdahl







My name is Reggie Engdahl and I am a founding member of a new online listing/auction service called big value depot which is about to take the internet by storm.

Big Value Depot already has an active affiliate membership of over 2000 members whom will be driving massive traffic to our site immediately. This means massive exposure to your item which you are selling.

List 4 Free with Me at Big Ticket Depot & Big Value Depot...

As I may or may have not informed you about. I am currently a founding affiliate member of 2 new online listing services which is quickly taking the internet by storm. As one of the founding members I have been issued a large amount of free listing voucher codes which will enable you to list any item you may currently be selling through our service for free. Our goal is to give away 200,000 free online listings over the next 30 days.

As I stated we have 2 new online listing services. One is Big Ticket Depot which will specialize in big ticket items only. The other is Big Value Depot which can be utilized for marketing anything you have to sell online.

The FREE listing voucher codes I have been issued can be used for either listing service.
I will simply need you to tell me what you are wanting to list so I can then direct you to the proper site to activate a free member account and give you a listing code to list your item for free.

Oh I forgot to mention. There are NEVER any final valuation fees with Big Value Depot or Big Ticket Depot once your item sells. Your listing will be 100% Free.

**What I need you to do next**

Have a question?sending me a email and let me know what you are currently selling or looking to sell. I will answer as soon as possibly. I will then send you the proper registration link and Free listing code to get your item posted right away.

Looking forward to helping you sell that item you need sold right away.

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Reggie Engdahl

Founding Member
Big Ticket/Big Value

Affiliate link: http://viralurl.com/topadmover/2_affiliate

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So today I want to give you a review of this new website that truly is a "must have" resource for anyone building an online business.
This is not some site were it is "valued $147" people have actually paid $147 a year to be a member of this site. Trust me there's a big difference.

What You Can Have By My Link...

1) The "Internet Marketing Boot Camp" - is a series of 10 lessons filled with over 6 hours of audio and over 7 hours of original step-by-step video lessons over 30 days that
train you in the fundamentals of building a profitable internet business.
? * How to make an entire website from scratch
? * Setting up your website & hosting
? * Creating information products
? * Setting up an auto-responders
? * Adding & creating popups that work
? * Adding & creating graphics for your site
? * How to put testing and tracking in place
? * Automating your website so that it runs hands fr.ee
? * How to processing credit cards online
? * Setting up an your own affiliate program
? * All of this is covered and more in the Internet Marketing Boot Camp!
And that's just the start...
Here's what you also get:
2) The "Movie Center" with over 12 hours of full motion video from some of the world's best internet marketers like:
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? * Armand Morin
? * Perry Marshall
? * Declan Dunn
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? * And more!
Others paid thousands to attend the seminars in these videos - it's included in your membership.

And Mutch More...


For more information see this video:

What if I told you that you can take a sneak peak behind the scenes of a top Internet Marketers' website and not have to pay a dime, opt-in to a list, or anything like that to see this ground breaking video... find it in the page.

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Okay, I have to say it... You Have NEVER seen anything like
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Reggie Engdahl



Product Review Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 - Does It Deliver?

Every once in a while a product comes along that revolutionizes the industry which it
applies to. These products take previously known ideas and theories and expound upon
them making them better, more effective and more powerful. Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 is
one of these and it truly is extraordinary.


First, we saw the genius behind Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Marketing.

This original product single-handedly changed the way Internet marketing was done.
Joe foresaw the need for change and modeled Hypnotic Marketing on that premise. The
result was a wildly popular product that swept the Internet like a hurricane.

The only thing I can compare it to is an Internet meme. Everyone needed Joe’s system
and once the word got out, everybody wanted Joe’s system and Joe was more than willing
to share his knowledge with the entire world.

Originally, Hypnotic Marketing was comprised of three legs, i.e.…Hypnotic Publicity,
Hypnotic Websites and Hypnotic Emails. Each leg was a powerhouse in itself and each
proved to be effective individually. Put them all together and a marketing juggernaut
was born.

Now there is a fourth leg to Joe’s Hypnotic Marketing ideology.

This one incorporates the web 2.0 technology with his original program. He calls the
new product Hypnotic Marketing 2.0. What it does is to interconnect your customers
in a powerful way that keeps them coming back over and over again. This is why every
marketer NEEDS this product.

You won’t believe how the idea for this was born. Go to http://www.hypnoticmarketing.com/ to
read the story behind the product’s inception.

The product

Comprised of seven steps, Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 is easy to get started with and best
of all, you do not need an MBA to use it.

Step 1 gives you an overview of the Hypnotic Marketing system. This consists of the
EBook, a guide to shortcuts and a quick start guide. Even a complete newbie to
marketing can be off and running in a few minutes with these instructions.

Step 2 is where Joe reveals the system to you in an audio format. The power of this
is that he also provides written transcripts and a cheat sheet with blanks to fill
in as you go. Completely hands on so you retain what is taught here.

Step 3 is the new 4th leg to Hypnotic Marketing and embodies the “2.0? technology
setup. Here you get tips and ideas for social web marketing along with written
transcripts and an audio presentation of the material.

Step 4 contains ALL the material from the original product, so if you missed it the
first time around, you don’t need to buy it again. All the material is presented as
an EBook and in audio and written forms.

Step 5 is an eleven part walk through that Joe calls his Hypnotic Marketing E-Boot
camp. Everything from grabbing an audience to strategy is covered. The last part is
an example of the plan in action. You get the entire perspective here, folks, and
Joe has held nothing back.

Step 6 is where you get a lot of value. This part is full of free bonuses for being
smart enough to get in on this gold mine. All types of techniques developed by Joe
and Larry Dotson are just handed to you here including hypnotic blogging and using
the customer’s emotions as a selling tool.
An absolute river of rushing possibilities awaits you; all for free.

Step 7 is your free trial period with the monthly printed newsletter and an audio CD.
You never stop learning with Joe’s program.

Why we ALL need Hypnotic Marketing 2.0

When you add all the steps together and realize that this is just the tip of the
iceberg, the possibilities are truly endless. As marketers, we are always on the
lookout for ways to make more money. After all, our goal is financial independence,
right? If it’ isn’t, it should be very soon!

Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 makes that more of a possibility than ever before.

All of the material presented is original and authored by Joe Vitale and his partner,
Larry Dotson, so you know this is current information and not some old idea that got
resurrected somehow. As marketers, we all NEED current ideas and information to keep
up with things as the Internet community changes and evolves.


The original Hypnotic Marketing system is proven and effective. With the addition of
the web 2.0 ideology, it is virtually unstoppable.

At the very least, it is unbeatable and productive.

Joe Vitale has offered this 4th leg as additional material, yet has included the
original material as well. This saves newcomers to the program.

As a marketing maneuver, this is ingenuous, not to mention unheard of in the Internet
marketing community. So you can trust that Joe and his team are not doing this simply
to make money, bit to help the masses learn to use the Internet to become financially
independent as well.

The material delivers all that it promises, hands down, and keeps giving with the
monthly newsletter. The result is that it is the “gift that keeps on giving”, so to
speak. With proven methods and ideas, you cannot go wrong with this product.

Strong product content, great teaching abilities, easy to understand step by step
instructions and monthly marketing lessons that keep coming make this a must have for
every marketer.

This product not only does what it says it will do, it does what it says it will keep
doing and that is what makes this a trustworthy purchase.

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Short Message In Swedish... Dessa bada delar fran mina lankar bildar en bra enhet. Ett snabbt satt att bygga din egna net-business. Big Ticket Depot har redan innan starten vuxit med en syster Big Value Depot, medforde forsening av starten. Men porten oppnas de narmaste dagarna. Alla som registrerar sig far 100 value vouschers att anvanda som man vill. Detta kommer att bli mycket stort. Video lank: http://www.advertisefreeforlife.com/links/6689 Affiliate lank: http://advertisingfreeway.com/links/6769