Become a Multi-Pure Independent Distributor
Nov 25 2010 19:49
Learn the Who, What, Where, and Why of Multi-Pure(12 minute presentation) Business PresentationA 5-10 minute slide show presentation on this incredible Business Opportunity.  Learn more about Multi-Pure's distributor opportunity program(4 minute presentation)   By becoming a Multi-Pure independent distributor, you will not only be helping our environment by converting bottled water drinkers into filtered water drinkers, but you will feel good about this rewarding business! Join us in our fight against the environmental impacts of bottled water, while earning an income at the same time. (You do not have to purchase anything to become a distributor, but there is a $10. application/administration fee for your handbook and Identification card)   There are NO monthly Fee's Or Auto Ships! And nothing else to buy! However,  Multi-Pure does offer their distributors a fully functional personalized independent distributor website for $40 per year. (but you are NOT required to purchase one if you do not wish to) Sample Website.   Commissions Start at 20% plus $59.95 for each unit sale! Easy, Fun & Rewarding Career with a 40 year old respected company.  Multi-Pure's Generous compensation plan is the top in the industry. Click here to see our Compensation Plan     Detailed instructions on how to Become a Multi-Pure distributor. (IMPORTANT! Please read in its entirety)Please note:  Your sponsors name is "Kira Chatterton". You must put this information on the application form in the "how did you hear about us" box or Multi-Pure will not know who your sponsor is.   To waive the requirement of purchasing a filter, you must also type in or copy and paste the following statement in the Ordering instructions.  (there is no purchase necessary if you put in this info, but you must still pay the $10 application fee ) Under "ordering instructions" Type in or copy and paste: ("pre qualified" under Kira Chatterton - 425047)    For more information, please visit:  

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