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Fushi means eternal living In Japanese. Our philosophy is simple inner health promotes outer well being. The Fushi Team consist of herbal and nutritional experts believe in empowering our customer to be able to maintain and improve their wellbeing through natural remedies, healthy nutrition and holistic practises. 

With this in mind we have developed a comprehensive range of external body & hair care and internal herbal remedies and supplements, all designed to achieve optimum health and radiant beauty. We are an ethical health and beauty company that believes wellbeing is your divine right  and we have built our selves through word of mouth which is our biggest achievement.

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Fushi have been awarded the ethical organisation award reflecting our commitment to protecting the environment, animals and people. Fushi constantly strive to be as kind to the environment as possible by practising the 3 R policy: recycle, re use and reduce. This is a basic principle of eco-friendly living and is one that you can also incorporate into your health and beauty regime by thinking carefully about the products you buy and how you use them. Simple measures like recycling our paper, creating a paperless office and switching off all our equipment when not in use make a difference. At Fushi we use low energy bulbs throughout, recycle all our waste including our paper, glass and card boxes, as well plastic.