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French Fries Tunnel Instant Freezer
Feb 27 2014 20:53
The tunnel instant freezer could refrigerate the French fries to keep it fresh for long time storage. The frozen French fries keep the original taste and are crispier. It can make the temperature of the French fries to -18? within 20 minutes. You can frozen the French fries first and then pack them, also can pack them into bags and then frozen them.

1. Simple structure, small space coverage, easy for mounting and dismounting, no need for professional refrigeration personnel.
2. High energy utilization rate, low consumption of energy, especially suitable for districts with electric shortage.
3. Adopt environment friendly and high efficient compressor and refrigerant R404a, low noise.
4. Convenient and fast material feeding and discharging, one person can complete the process in 5 seconds at most by rotating the gate, reducing the loss of cool air.
5. Uniform cooling, excellent frozen effect.
6. Flexible defrosting, convenient to maintain, reducing energy consumption and failure rate.